What is the film Lupe watches in LTK?

Asking on behalf of someone on Gallifrey Base

In the Bond film License to Kill, there’s a scene where Lupe Lamora is in her cabin on Milton Krest’s yacht and watches TV. It’s clearly some western film, but I can’t for the life of me figure out which one. I know it’s a real film, because someone told me the title once (which I’ve since forgotten). It’s not a Leone film, I know that much.

My best guess is Red River. It’s hard to see the TV but it looks like it’s showing a cattle stampede, and Red River has one, plus it’s owned by MGM so they wouldn’t have to pay for the rights. The music you hear is obviously not part of the movie, though…

My first guess would have been Red River, too. Maybe because of the black & white. But it could also be that she only has a portable b&w TV set on board of a boat. This would mean that it could be any movie with a stampede, be it b&w or colour, maybe even the spaghetti western that provides the sound.

Knowing John Glen, there could be another option: Catlow, for which he was 2nd unit director. The movie even starts off with a cattle drive in the opening credits…