What Movie Have You Seen Today?


I loved “The End.” Haven’t seen it in forever. I won’t spoil the last scene for anyone, but I always thought it was a very honest portrayal of how we all tend to handle our relationship with the Creator (assuming we believe in one at all). Funny and sad at the same time.

Amidst all that cornball foolishness of his 80s-and-beyond career, there was one more amazingly hard-hitting, even unsettling film from Burt: Sharkey’s Machine. Pretty sure I’d call it his last great work.


I am fond of Heat though… It has its problems but great charm, like Burt himself I suppose


City Heat - i got so excited about seeing Burt and Clint on screen together at last (apparently they were good friends). Ultimately the movie itself was entirely forgettable, but with those 2 it still had it’s charms (the ‘whose got the longest gun’ scene was a blast).

I remember liking Shamus at some point in my childhood, but for the life of me can remember sod all about it – which is great, because it means i can now seek it out and enjoy it all over again. Same goes for Sharky’s Machine… Thanks for the tips.

Looking forward to a few nights in with Burt soon :slight_smile:


Finally having seen M:I - Fallout…

I‘m not prone to fist pumping. But this movie got me so happy I probably wanted to applaud every five minutes. (Relax, I did not, I appreciate cinema etiquette myself.)

For me, it is the best of the series, the best action movie in decades if not ever. And it effortlessly shows how to retcon a backstory convincingly.

But my real question is: how can they top this? They should rather stop here.

And Bond… do not even try to top this. Go back to a FRWL mood piece with short action beats concentrating on the protagonist. No action sequence in any Craig film was as intense, inventive and involving, nor filmed and edited as elegantly as FALLOUT. SPECTRE cannot compete at all.


I’m not even sure the Bonds are still trying to compete in the “high octane action film” arena. Or more to the point, I hope they aren’t.

Don’t know if I’d call Fallout the best action flic ever, but it’s definitely encouraging to see someone still knows how to make them.


First Man: magnificent movie! A masterclass in the importance of deciding what to show and what not to show. Leaving out events and dialogue can be more effective than stressing every beat of a story.


I haven’t seen the movie, but amen to that sentiment.


Mmmmm … Rachel Ward.


Jaws 2

Obviously not as good as the original, but it benefits from at least having some of the same cast, location and John Williams’ music.


The shark attack during the regatta, with the guy being dragged through the water to the boat, not being able to hold on to it… man, that still gives me the creeps!


I am in the same squash club in Windsor UK as Ian Pirie. Ian Pirie is an actor who had a short role in DAD as the chap who gets knocked out and wheeled into the DNA Clinic in Cuba.

“Now get us some more girls or you’ll be Fidel Castrato”

A cracking chap, he mentioned a film he had done up in Scotland called Calibre. It is on Netflix; I am not sure if what is on Netflix in the UK is thus pushed out to the world.

Anyway, a bloody good film. Tough, brutal, surprising. Superb acting and a story that has you asking all the way through; ‘What would I have done?’


With Halloween coming around, I’ve got my favorite ‘so bad it’s great’ pleasure. A demonic auto terrorizes a small desert town. Yes, 1978’s “The Car”. I’ve watched it every Halloween since 1987.

On the plus side, I caught the newest Halloween last weekend. This new notion of what is being called by some of ‘scrap reboot’ in existing series pays off. The idea is that this newest HW is a direct sequel to the first one as if all that followed never happened is great. Jamie Lee Curtis owns it completely and plays it beautifully as someone who has been waiting for 40 years for the inevitable. Check it out.

By all accounts, this is the same approach is being done with the next Terminator as a direct sequel to T2.

Whenever I watch NSNA I enjoy it as being Connery Bond up to DAF and take it as the same Bond that’s been there and done that and kept doing the job.

Anyway, check out the new Halloween. This weekend, I’m doing a double feature on Sunday with Hunter Killer as I’ve been longing for a good submarine movie since U-571 and then Johnny English hits the screens here in the US and, to a point, he’s got a bit more than I’d care to admit of 003 in him.


The Car’s a guilty pleasure of mine too. You can see why they cast Brolin as Bond.


Decades ago (late 70s) we had an early prototype of a movie channel on our local cable system that would show one uncut movie multiple times a day for a few days, then a new movie would take its place. In total around 10 movies a month would be broadcast per month. “The Car” was one of those movies. I loved it as a teenager and watched it a half dozen times in that brief window of opportunity. Thanks for jarring that memory loose!

Saw the new “Halloween” last night. It’s a lot of fun, though I wish just one of the sequels would genuinely nail the character of Michael from the original movie again. This one came closer than any of them other than maybe “Halloween 2” but still missed it. Some good tension and a great finale though. If you have any interest I’d recommend it.


Went to see the 1977 Suspiria in the cinema last night.
The transfer was incredible, the colours , the sound we were mesmerised, in a way that I didn’t think possible with a movie I’ve seen half a dozen times on the small screen .


This coming Wednesday (Halloween night) I’m going to see Goblin live in concert as they perform the Suspiria soundtrack in its entirety, along with other selections.


Amazing! You should have a great night!


I am a big fan of Suspiria, and in particular, the music by Goblin.

I describe the movie as a Horror Opera.

Now I need to check out The Car, and also the new Halloween. Love the 1978 original.


I think that was the role that Fish from Marillion had auditioned for and almost got.