Who do you want for Bond 7?


Just goes to show that even the most ludicrous thing with “Bond” attached to it gets itself reported. Suggests there’s still some popular interest there to be mined and exploited, after all.


There are a lot of groups in need of representation but James Bond can’t be used to represent all of them and nor should he.


Given the number of Lego bricks not just in the British army but on the whole globe it’s evident Bond must be played by a Lego piece…


Batman already beat them to it.


Not for the first time…


I’m not disagreeing, but why is the one-film-every-two-years model over and done with? I can’t help hoping for its return.


I wonder if Cary Grant would have modified his transatlantic accent had he agreed to do Dr No?

More here:


Thanks for the link. NBNW is one of my favourite films.

I don’t think Carry would have modified his accent. The whole point of using it was that it would fit both the US and UK.


They don’t hire Movie Stars to act, they hire them to attract their fans. CG’s accent was a huge part of his brand (Connery comes to mind) and when the studio pays the big money they usually want the whole package. Cynical or common sense - your choice :slight_smile:


Will Smith is a text book example. On the very rare occasions he gets to act, he’s very good (Ali, The Pursuit of Happyness), but that’s rarely what he’s hired to do. He’s hired to be Will Smith.


A very cushy number, really!


Here we go again…

‘Bodyguard’ Producer Appears To Confirm Richard Madden Is A Serious Contender To Be Next James Bond

We don’t know if Richard will do series two,” the unnamed producer reportedly told the Mail.
It depends what happens with James Bond, we don’t know yet” he added.

Unnamed’ my a**se! I don’t know anything about journalist Katie Hind, but my guess is it’s another tabloid manufactured page filler.

Madden’s not my choice and i doubt he’ll get it (although that depends upon the availability of his competition when the time comes). But i do like his grounded approach to the rumours:

Everyone just loves the rumour mill on that topic,” he said. “I’m just the current one. There’ll be a different one next week.”

Producer lets slip Madden Bond bombshell



“Bodyguard - Season 2” can and will be filmed long before BOND 26 will start rolling.

This is just a story that is either made up by Hind or by the producers to boost attention for their show.


Given the source…




Love Cillian Murphy in everything, and with 5 Nolan films to his CV, it plays well with the never ending rumour that Chris Nolan will do A Bond film.

But I’m calling bull on this.image


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Wonder when the first of the clickbait thingies will use Shaun Evans…


Most of the people mooted will be too old, including Murphy.


Cillian Murphy would be an interesting choice. A much more interesting and intriguing choice than most of the names that the media throws out there on a daily basis.