Who Should Write the Next Bond Continuation Novel?

I believe you meant to type The Ghost Writer rather than the Marvel superhero’s name.

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I did. Either I’m writing about Marvel so much I did that, or my autocorrect changed it because I write about Marvel so much.

Odd, given the film used the US title of The Ghost which would’ve saved everyone time. :rofl:


You lost me at that reasoning.

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Fair enough, but at the same time, for a while IFP was always hiring authors born in the 1950s. It would be interesting to have different generations write a Bond novel on a recurring basis. That’s why I think a short story collection by different authors would be a interesting approach for a novel in the near future.

Charles Cumming is meeting with Kim Sherwood tomorrow, foreshadowing for the future, perhaps? As for William Boyd, it sounds like he and IFP didn’t get along on some of Solo’s story details.

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How cool would that be. I didn’t for William Boyd, that’s a pity.
Maybe the next continuation author simply is Anthony Horowitz, as I don’t remember reading he or IFP would like to stop their collaboration.

It’s possible that Horowitz is coming back. But comments from Kim Sherwood sound like she is more or less (at least one of) his successors. Horowitz gave us Fleming’s Bond before, during and after Fleming’s timeline. Where could he go next? He considers Bond a period character. Plus he ended on a high note, a rarity with Bond in any media. IFP probably want to move forward in time with the character. As seen in the last 2 books. As for William Boyd, there are a few articles that he talks about being watched too closely by IFP. The articles are locked for now it seems.

To me it seems quite clear whether Kim Sherwood is not going to tackle a “proper” Bond novel and will stick to her “00” trilogy… for the time being. What’s less clear is whether IFP wants to focus solely on that trilogy (as Higson suggested in interview) or carry on with the continuation.

Regarding to what happened with William Boyd, funny that a novel production can be as tumultuous as a film production. Egos might not help either.


I know that Lee Child (Jack Reacher creator) turned IFP around Devil May Care mainly to keep Reacher under his control. He said that IFP was tough to work with and turned them down. It’s a shame, he would have been a good fit.

With Kim Sherwood doing a lot of press in the next few weeks, I think we’ll get a announcement on her book 2.


Here’s my controversial opinion of the day:
I think that now that Daniel Craig is done, and since all his movies connect, they should write them into one big novel. They could write it Moonraker style, with each movie being the day of week, in style to MR. An author that could write it would be Bruce Feirstein. He’s had success with writing Bond movies and video games, why not give him a big book to try? He could even put in Bloodstone, as that’s his work as well.

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I would have liked another one from Boyd. Imo Solo is the best continuation novel after John Pearsons…

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As far as I know, Boyd, Deaver and Faulks had a one book contract, with the opinion of a second. All of them turned it down, to focus on their own stories. I’d be open for Deaver and Boyd to return for a short story though. They had the “star power” to do one book for the fun of it, arguably. Carte Blanche arguably deserved a continuation of some sort.


I remember having a mixed feeling about Carte Blanche when I read it back in 2011. It was a good one, but it didn’t have the spark. I forgot why, maybe it was my 2011 self, maybe I’d appreciate it more today.

That said, a modern days Bond could be interesting to try again. I’m yet to receive OHM2S, very curious about that one.


I’m a bit biased towards Carte Blanche as it was my first Bond novel I read. It’s similar to The World is not Enough, it was my first Bond movie. I do however get fan’s frustrations with them both. Some story elements and characterizations that don’t feel like James Bond, namely. But I stand by them both, for more than one reason. Namely spoilers: female villains.

For a while some of us Bond fans thought that Kim Sherwood would follow Carte Blanche in the modern day. Alas, it doesn’t seem to.

As for the one book authors, I find that the history behind the writing of the book(s) more interesting than the books themselves.

As someone once said, the making of the art is more interesting than the art itself. James Bond in general is no exception.


:fist_right: bump to the person who shares my first Bond film!


They can’t afford me.

Also, I can do without all the selfies.


I feel your pain. Besides, Bryce couldn’t take the competition. Part of the reason that “James Bond-007” doesn’t exist in my own fan-fic.


The Bond Experience put up an interview with Anthony Horowitz today and when asked about a 4th book he said:

“As somebody said never say never but… as I’m sitting here I think my job is done and I’m very happy with the trilogy and… time to move on”


I think he should end with a trilogy, he had 3 general well received hits. He probably wants to go on a high note. And he honestly should. We don’t need another John Gardner, writing for too long, when he was clearly creatively drained. Anthony Horowitz and even Raymond Benson did the right amount, just too spaced out, Horowitz at least. A Bond book every other year is good enough. For now, it seems that Kim Sherwood is the official Bond author, more or less.

I noticed that Horowitz says in the interview that he liked Carte Blanche of the recent books. Ironically, apparently, when he started writing Bond, The Evening Standard reported that Horowitz wanted to do a Bond novel for a while. He also heartily disliked Faulks and Deaver’s efforts and in any case wasn’t sure he would as the other two had mucked about with it too much. He wasn’t wrong, Devil May Care plays it too safe, Carte Blanche is too unique in more ways than one. In the meantime, IFP needs to bring Bond to the modern day for two reasons: Horowitz left Fleming’s timeline on a high note, and it would seem like IFP is desperate to get back to Fleming, without taking some creative chances.


A lot of people have mentioned Charles Cumming as a possible continuation author. I can’t believe I didn’t mention him. He would really fit the title of Bond author. I still wish that IFP would go back to releasing a novel a year, but I understand why it can’t happen.

I also have modern day spinoff ideas for Goldfinger, Blofeld (with Irma Bunt) and Trevelyan. If Dynamite Comics adapts Fleming’s books, then IFP should adapt at least one of Dynamite’s storylines: Felix Leiter. James Robinson could write it, adapting his original story, and some of the ideas he had for his possible trilogy, had he been able to write one.

IFP needs to move away from Fleming’s timeline. The more books they connect to it, the more desperate they seem to reconnect to it.

Edit: More authors have been added.

Jeremy Duns: A known admirer of Fleming and helped discover some lost Bond material. With a mixture of Bond love and history of espionage buff, he’s more than qualifed.


Thomas Harris: Creator of Hannibal Lecter. Not very proficient with his writing, other than the Hannibal series, writing just two other novels, Black Sunday (1975) and Cari Mora (2019). He could be a good choice for a horror, truly suspenseful, Bond adventure.

James Czajkowski or his pen last names Rollins or Clemens: He has a mix of action adventure and fantasy novels, to help his case for writing. With his main writing series is about the military and learning the knowledge of it and counter terrorism and technology being the main enemies. Bond always is just to be slightly in the future, with what is the main threat and how do we beat them. Add a touch of true fantasy, it could help Bond feel a bit different.

JJ Abrams: Before you put your thumbs down, I am surprised at myself for thinking of him. If you want something old made new, there’s no one better.

Patty Jenkins: She has lived all over the world, and has a passion for air travel. If Star Wars: Rogue Squadron truly doesn’t work out, I’d give her a chance.

Charlotte Philby: She has a mix of historical spy novels that could tie Bond to real life history.

It’s really a shame that IFP is letting the Bond property sit on the side lines, like this. All these authors are qualified. And don’t say that you don’t want any Bond novels not by Ian Fleming. You know you would be complaining if they weren’t written.