Writers with a voice on Bond

Given the amount of discussion the topic of writers on Bond 25 and beyond in the Bond 25 news thread, it occurred to me a thread for suggestions/informed debate/uninformed complaining was needed.

So who would people like to see take a shot at writing future Bond films?


taylor sheridan, denis villeneuve, michael green (who wrote blade runner 2049, logan and murder on the orient express)

The man with the worlds most eclectic writing CV, with it ranging from Sex and The City to American Gods, via Everwood.

quite a resume indeed - Neil Gaiman could also be interesting (speaking of American Gods)

He’s probably my favourite author, but I feel Bond as a genre would, by necessity, limit what Gaiman can do as a writer - would be intriguing though.

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Green is very interesting.

I would not really want an established novelist like Gaiman to do it - they have too much personal things at stake and would rather do their own take on Bond when it should remain a Bond film. For the same reason Jeffrey Deaver did not work for me in “Carte Blanche”. Also, Shane Black would rather do a Shane Black Bond.

But we don’t need a star writer with a distinctly personal vision. We need a great writer who can do Bond. There are several writers who are not famous or have not broken through. I would welcome EON to invite young people or those who work in television.

They all get rewritten anyway, so…

Will never happen, but I’d love to read a Bond screenplay by Tarantino.

Chris McQuarrie would write an excellent Bond script. He knows how to write for an established format, yet has a strong voice of own (my favourite is his directorial debut Way Of The Gun). He also has enough clout that I feel a good writer needs.

However, being the current man behind MI may have nixed this happening for the time being.

If they wanted a shift in tone, or at least pace, then I’d love to see Vince Gilligan’s Bond. He writes wonderfully complex protagonists and fantastic villains.

Another writer/ director of great tv is Hugo Blick. Shadow line was great and apparently Honerable Woman was good. Perhaps more suit to Le Carre than Bond, but all the same I’d like to see his version.


Tarantino I disagree, his Bond pastiche was the best segment on Inglorious Basterds, but I’ve never quite been sold on him taking Bond, simply because Tarantino’s weakest efforts are his works that arn’t 100% original.

The rest though, definitely.

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Yes, absolutely agree here.

And Vince Gilligan´s Bond… well, that would be an auteur Bond that actually interests me!

As for Tarantino - did anyone read the remarks Karl Urban recently made about Tarantino´s Star Trek idea? I know everyone is excited for MR. TARANTINO to come down from his olymp and dedicate his always genius thoughts to this little Roddenberry franchise. But I don’t know - some things just don’t mix well. I don’t think Roddenberry would have liked Star Trek to get full on gore.

I agree, just meant I’d like to read his version for fun. If it turned out to be great then I’d want it shot, but odds are he’d shove in too many knowing twists in the format.

But something in tune with the straight stories of Inglorious Barsteds opening scene, or Jackie brown with touches of mr T’s interpretations of the tropes might well be very good.

No, some things certainly don’t. But…! If he does Trek and it’s a success I’m sure many franchises will jump on the band wagon and hire auteurs.

Trekkies and ‘Bondies’ may want to keep mr T and his ilk away from their Crown Jewels, but that aside, just as fans and acolytes of the medium it certainly stirs the curiosity and I’d look forward to seeing how they turn out, as I do with the ‘T-Trek’

We would maybe get an Ennio Morricone score for a Bond film if Tarantino wrote/directed - so that might be something i’d be interested in


I’ll die a happy man if Morricone scores Bond


I’d rather they go the other way, instead of courting superstar writers they should try and foster some up and coming talent. Put together a rough brief/ specification of what you want from the next Bond film, send it out to a group of aspiring screenwriters and see which screenplays are worth developing.

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There’d probably be a lot of takers for that in these forums - like the sound of it!