2022: the 60th anniversary - your wishlist

On October 5th it will be 60 years since the first James Bond film was released.

So far we know that a Bond music documentary will mark the occasion.

What else would you wish for? Sure, nobody but us will listen. But hey, that‘s what we’re here for.

  • Release all the scores remastered and expanded

If you produce a documentary on the music give us at least the remaining unexpanded scores in their full version. It’s time. We care.

  • Get the Bond actors and actresses together and have a ball

Premieres are happening again, so drum up some attention for what you achieved with those who helped you achieve it.

  • lay out a clearer plan for the future

Yes, you don’t want to go back on that merrygoround yet, but wouldn’t this anniversary be a perfect opportunity to tell the world about the next actor and a timetable for the first film? Even the election of a new prime minister has a date set.


This is at the top of my list. Moonraker’s complete score was apparently scheduled to be released not long ago. So hopefully it still happens, and soon.


Honestly, I’d love if we got the films back in theaters in the states, not just the UK and Ireland. I’m sure AFI, Alamo Drafthouse, and other theaters would love to play them.


It was a Kickstarter campaign back in 2015 to do a re-recording of it but that fell through due to rights issues. I would be shocked if we ever see either the original recordings or a re-recording, although I too would love it…


Release the films on 4K Blu-ray.

Anything else they do, quite frankly, I don’t particularly care about. Ahead of the anniversary, we’ve killed Bond, presumably had the Fleming literary timeline officially closed with Horowitz’s new book, and have Bond MIA in the other official literary adventure that’s coming. Great time to be a Bond fan. :roll_eyes:


I’m down for releasing all the scores remastered and expanded–at the very least all those that have not yet been done (DN, FRWL, TMWTGG, TSWLM, M, O, LTK).

I also love the idea of announcing the new James Bond 007 actor (hopefully Henry Cavill) and a release date for his first film.

Getting a chance to see ALL the Bond films up on the big screen would be nice too.

And somehow, someway, I’d love to see an announcement that Geoffrey Jenkins’ long-lost 007 novel Per Fine Ounce has finally been discovered and will be released sometime next year. (And along those lines have Raymond Benson release his The Heart Of Erzulie in its original 007-starring form.)

That would be my wish list.


I agree with Dalton: all Bond movies on 4K discs. All the other famous movie franchises are already out on 4K discs, why waiting with Bond? The blu rays are all taken from 4K prints, so they already exist.
And get finally Golden Gun, Spy, Moonraker, Octo, A View, LtK and GE on expanded/ full score cd’s and maybe Dr. No too (although it’s not the best score to have). With Russia and GF I can live with what we have, there’s not much score left.


I’m holding out hope they have some sort of official Bond event or convention, although I would have thought we might have heard about it by now if it was happening :cry:

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  1. Announcement of Bond 7
  2. New trailer/release date for IOI’s Project 007
  3. IFP makes a deal to release the lost novel, Per Fine Ounce
  4. Goldeneye 007 Remastered
  5. Remaster announcement for Agent Under Fire, Nightfire, Everything or Nothing
  6. Script release of Dalton’s unproduced 3rd film

We already got With a Mind to Kill, so I’m good on the literary front. Though, I know only number 2 on my list is realistically possible, I think. I still don’t believe the Goldeneye remaster will ever get released.


For me has to be the release of all the Bond scores remastered & expanded

listed below is roughly what is currently missing from each EON James Bond film score that has been released on CD to date :-

DR NO - tecnhically none of the orchestral score is released, around 15-20 minutes

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE - around 15 minutes

GOLDFINGER - around 15 minutes

THUNDERBALL -20-25 minutes, including some album only recordings and unfinished music

YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE - if you don’t count re-edited cues, this one is mostly complete



LIVE AND LET DIE - 5 seconds

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN - around 25 minutes

THE SPY WHO LOVED ME - the whole score is missing, around 40 minutes

MOONRAKER - around 8-10 minutes

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - around 10 minutes

OCTOPUSSY - around 25-30 minutes, but that doesn’t include any circus music, that was library recording

A VIEW TO A KILL - around 16 minutes

THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS - around 8-10 minutes

LICENSE TO KILL - around 40 minutes

GOLDENEYE - about 20 mins, plus 5:52 for the John Altman tank chase cue

TOMORROW NEVER DIES - about 26 minutes

THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH - complete as per La La Land Records Release 2018

DIE ANOTHER DAY - complete as per La La Land Records Release 2017

CASINO ROYALE - around 10 minutes still to be released on CD

QUANTUM OF SOLACE- about 20 Minutes of music to still to be released on CD ?

SKYFALL - about 30 to 40 Minutes of music to still to be released on CD ?

SPECTRE - about 30 to 40 Minutes of music to still to be released on CD ?

NO TIME TO DIE - about 69 minutes

As you can see from above there is so much more music that us James Bond music fans are missing from a large number of the Bond films , so many great cues probably in total over 7 hours of unreleased music, that’s a huge amount of missing music, that deserves to be heard.

La La Land Records have already done a fantastic job of releasing 2 x expanded score versions The World is Not Enough in 2018 & Die Another Day in 2017 in chronological film order.

Let’s hope La La Land Records can continue releasing more James Bond expanded soundtracks now ‘NO TIME TO DIE ’ has been released & let’s hope this happens this year for 60th anniversary.

Top of my list is Moonraker & LIcence to Kill (this has at least 40 minutes not released), although would really like the following John Barry albums expanded MWTGG ( about 25 minutes unreleased music), Octopussy (about 25 - 30 minutes unreleased music), AVTAK (about 16 minutes unreleased music) & Thunderball (still has about 20 - 25 minutes unreleased music) & non Barry scores TND & TSWLM & Goldeneye (about 25 minutes unreleased music)

I am a great believer that anything is possible, even though I know the 1st Three films Dr No , From Russia With Love & Goldfinger the master tapes are said to be lost but they can always lift them by other means these days.

You never know what might happen now we are in the 60th Anniversary in 2022 for me this is too good an opportunity to miss for the James Bond scores as this is the one category the music that has not been tapped apart from the fantastic expansions Lukas Kendall did in 2003 on 4 of the older scores.

Lets hope La La Land Records are looking at all these possible options for the 60th anniversary & they can get through any red tape , as it too bigger opportunity to miss, considering the last big lot of expanded Bond scores was in 2003 almost 20 years ago.


Very good list. I don’t think a new Bond will be announced this year, but I’d like to be wrong. And an update on Project 007 is overdue. Even if it’s just a developer interview about their intentions.

This is the only job they’re still looking for in regards to Project 007, so an update this year is more likely, but given they only hired the audio director a month ago, they can’t have done much yet.

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IO is still hard at work improving Hitman 3, which released in 2021. There’s new content launching regularly, and the long-awaited Freelancer mode has been delayed until later in 2022. That said, it’s likely that IO has another team working through pre-production of Project 007 ahead of a full reveal in 2023.

We’re still a ways off from hearing anything. This game is still in the very early stages of development.

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:point_up:What he said.

Like I said, the audio director was only hired a month ago, and I know for a fact it’s only been six months since they stopped looking for writers.

One can dream! This is my ultimate Bond wish but the one I’ve accepted will never come true.

Crazy wish: EON announcing Brosnan’s return to Bond movies stating that the Craig-arc was like a mini movie series experience and they’re getting back to business as usual… :smile:

Realistic wishlist: some kind of ceremony would be nice, with former and current actors and musical acts. sigh When’s the next movie again?

Entitled much?

BB & MW say “We’re sorry” to Brosnan and he is announced as new M. (Or a cameo as 001)

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I’ve long given up on it, but in an ideal world we’d have an expanded universe running in the background like Doctor Who, where past actors can come back in audio or comic form. It’d particularly do wonders for Lazenby and Dalton.


I’d quite like to see all available screen tests on some kind of social media release. I’m sure Connerys test is somewhere…