A Hard Man To Kill (Young Bond Short Story)

As this short story was previously only available as part of The Young Bond Dossier, I hadn’t read it, but I just bought it as an e-book on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Hard-Man-Kill-Young-Bond-ebook/dp/B07FPXPDCT/) . I’m maybe about a third of the way through, but I must say it’s good to read a Higson Bond story again. After Horowitz is done with his run, I’d love to read a grown up Bond from Higson. Or perhaps he’d do an arc of the James Bond: Origin comic?

I read it a long time ago now but I remember liking it. I rank Higson up there with Horowitz, so I wouldn’t mind him coming back…even though I think that’s unlikely. I still wish they didn’t continue the series with Cole. I read part of Shoot to Kill, but that’s it. I felt like Young Bond was Higson’s baby. It didn’t feel the same after he left.

I read it sometime back when I got The Young Bond Dossier. I am glad to see it get a Kindle release. I think Higson did a great series of Young Bond books and would love to see him come back or even tackle an adult Bond book. I have the Cole books on Kindle but haven’t read them yet…I have the same feeling as sharpshooter…anyone but Higson is bound to dissapoint.