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So, I think it was a good, not great movie, but a bad Bond movie. Daniel Craig was the most gifted actor to play Bond but the character he was playing in this one wasn’t Bond. It was his interpretation of the growth in the character that the events of his movies happened to. But that person wasn’t James Bond. The disappointing part was that the character at the end of CR was that Bond and if they had chosen to they could have adapted any of the books that never had a real adaptation-but they didn’t. If the problem with Connery’s Bond is that he made everything look fun, the problem with Craig’s Bond is he made none of it look fun. James Bond loves his job, loves his assignments, particularly the dangerous ones. It’s when he’s not on assignment that he gets in trouble that the acidie (see FRWL the novel) takes over. Craigs Bond has to be begged to go on assignments. He keeps retiring to do what-sail in Jamaica. Anyway, although I found the movie interesting and the ending was a gut punch, I view Craig’s tenure as a wasted opportunity. Look at all the things they did badly. Blofeld is now Hans Obermeyers son who created Spectre to get revenge on Bond. Bond was raised at Skyfall by an Alfred the butler figure. The soundtracks since Arnold left-terrible. Is there any scene you really want to watch a second time from NTTD? Yet here’s the biggest wasted opportunity. On Her Majesties Secret Service was part of a trilogy. Bond gets married, his wife is murdered, he has a nervous breakdown, comes back, kills Blofeld, is brainwashed, tries to kill M and is hospitalized and sent on a mission to either be killed or redeem himself. That trilogy has never been filmed and Craig had the acting chops to do it. Instead we got this and I feel used by the producers. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted but this movie evoked strong feelings.