Actors who have portrayed Fleming


Does the below list cover the above?

For some reason, I remember thinking that ‘while more people have been on the moon than have played Bond’, more people had played Fleming than had played Bond. Not so sure I am right now.

Goldeneye: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming - 1989 - Charles Dance
Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming - 1990 - Jason Connery
Ian Fleming: Bondmaker - 2005 - Ben Daniels
Age of Heroes (Exploits of 30 Commando) - 2011 - James D’Arcy
Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond - 2014 - Dominic Cooper
BBC Radio 4 (Radio plays) - Current - Martin Jarvis
The Man With the Golden Pen (Theatre Play) - Various - Mark Burgess
The Man With the Golden Pen (Theatre Play) - Various - Mark Chance

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Think there was also that Tobias Menzies in Any Human Heart.

Really gives Villiers a new slant - he left the service to become an author and journalist.

Thanks Jim.

So far, it still seems Bond actors win with 11. (Credited actors, not the stuntmen and Bob Simmons et al.) Is the below up to snuff?

Barry Nelson
Bob Holness
Sean Connery
David Niven
George Lazenby
Roger Moore
Timothy Dalton
Pierce Brosnan
Toby Stephens
Daniel Craig
Michael Jayston

Maxwell Caulfield played Bond in Nightfire

Andrew Bicknell played Bond in Agent Under Fire

Bonus points: Adam Croasdell did do both motion capture and dialogue for Bloodstone - but then they actually got Daniel Craig so only Croasdell’s motion capture remains. Also apparently played Bond in whatever the hell this is

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Thanks Orion.

Also Sean Maguire in an episode of Timeless centered around Ian Fleming during the war. At the end of the episode, they had changed the timeline and Fleming had written an extra bond book and this lead to a film - “Weapon of choice”.

Thanks for popping back after 11 months for this Sharpe. Cheers.

I’ve had Timeless flagged on Netflix for a while, maybe one of these days I’ll get around to watching it. And after reading that I actually really like ‘Weapon of Choice’ as a Bond title.