Another Way To Die won an award?!

Did anyone realize this? Another Way to Die won a satellite award in 2008 for best original song. I mean, was 2008 that bad for theatrical music or did they never actually listen to the track?

You mean…people can have different opinions on music?!?


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Well, yea people can have differing opinions. It was just shocking…positively shocking.


I liked the song so I’m good with this.

Extra marks for the Goldfinger quote👍🏻

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It’s not really any worse than Writing’s on the Wall winning an Oscar.

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Writings on the Wall is an odd one. It’s a good song outside of Smith, but, y’know, Smith.

I kind of agree. It’s grown on me since I first heard it, but the falsetto just ruins it so much. Without that, and Smith, it’d be so much better. Just as, IMO, Another Way to Die is much better when sung only by Alicia Keys and not as a duet.

My main issue with AWTD is simply that Jack White and Alicia Keyes are not compatable as a duet. The whole thing sounds off key because their voices are too similar in pitch imo.

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Jack White’s voice is irritating in the song. Had Alicia Keys just sung the whole thing, it would’ve been much better. Alas, I still wish Arnold had been allowed to finish No Good About Goodbye for the title track. It’s much more Bondian and does actually feature in Quantum’s score.

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Actually, AWTD is just now used as a sample - a pretty good one - at the Nockherberg Singspiel.

I actually quite like the track. I like the composition; i don’t mind the irreverent lyrics (like to think of them as irreverent rather than simply lazy). I like White’s voice.

But i do really hate Keys doing that horrible, naughties-era dance around the octaves - oh look at me hitting different pitches - rubbish. Just sing the bloody words, please!

It also won best song at the Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards.

You must be joking…

This is true.

WOW you just found this out ???

I will second that…TWOTW is total crap compared to AWTD…It’s basically the way the Bond films have been homosized under the Danny Downer years…

You seem nice.

shaking my head In 2019, no less…