Aston Martin James Bond & more


We happy James Bond has been stick around in a new Aston Martin as well the most love classic Aston Martin DB5. This thread will be everything. Reality & Aston Martin appeared other movies & TV shows including the fan like me who collection diecast model cars. So pleased write what you seen or like what news come up. The website


If you ever wanted to own an Aston Martin DB 10. . .

You can get really close with the newly unveiled Aston Martin Vantage:




Yes I saw it look exactly like James Bond DB10. The DB10 should like that instant of a little look like DB9. Next we wait on the next Vanquish it better be Vanquish not DBS or revive the Virage Name. I don’t think this will be 007 Bond 25 car but we still hope for a new Aston Martin


Aston Martin is also in plan for the V12 version of the Vantage. Most likely to be related in end of 2019 or 2020. Next it will be the next Vanquish.


Vanquish replacement to be the DBS Superleggera:

Just in time for Bond 25?!?!?!?!?


Also, Aston Martin teaser video:


I hope it will be 007 & Daniel Craig last Bond mobile. He recently sold his Vanquish this year.
because he going to Dad soon.


The new Aston Martin super GT car, the DBS Superleggera, has just been unveiled! Just in time for Bond 25?


A great time waster!


Well I saw it look bit like his DB10 from SPECTRE. I hope it will be his new Gadget car in Bond 25.DBS%20Superleggera


Anyone want a new build DB5 (complete with gadgets)???


That’s got to be the ultimate bit of licensed merchandise!


So for 3.5 million, you can own a car that looks like, but is not, a 1964 DB5, and have major bragging rights…with whomever shows up at your house, because you can’t legally drive it.

The elephant trade is illegal, but here’s a nice way to own a big white one.


I’ll be settling for the Lego model instead, and even that is expensive :sweat_smile:


If you can afford to buy it, you can afford to have space to drive it as far as you want to! :slight_smile: And it is an Aston DB5, just like the new DB4s they made over the last couple of years are proper Astons. These aren’t white elephants: they’ll be collectable for years to come.


Hey kids! Collect 'em all!


Well, it is a neat thing. I’m guessing they are all already pre sold by now and largely to the disposable income crowd - UAE and Asian markets - but I’ll wait until I see a video of one. Granted, the tech and mechanical practical modifications are much easier and smaller to achieve, but the limitations of being street legal do offer only that. Limitations. A fully restored DB5 can run between $750-900K and are rare, but out there and as only 1025 +/- of the coupes were produced (and we can account for six of them) they are becoming more difficult to obtain. I’ve been on my own quest for 30+ years. These 28 built by modern standards but based on original specs should be cool and become collectors items for certain. I’ve had the honor and pleasure of driving four in my time. Two originals and two restored and upgraded. If I had the £3 Mil, I think I’d go for the lesser, but still iconic model. Something about touring about in a 53 year old classic just seems like more fun.


Funny thing is they’re more expensive than buying an actual genuine screen-used Bond DB5!

I saw one of the new DB4 GTs at Goodwood last week: it’s a stunning bit of workmanship. Made all of the new designed Astons next to it look ugly and ungainly (I don’t know what Aston are thinking recently: they’re horrid).


I hope they choose this Aston Martin in Bond 25.