Atomic Blonde (Charlize Theron)

Just watched it, and I liked it! The fight scenes were positively brutal! Amazing fight choreography! And, as someone who’s formative years were in the '80s (from 8th grade/junior high school to college graduate/newly commissioned US Navy Ensign), I particularly loved the soundtrack. All the music I listened to in the clubs around Ohio State. All in all a great film, and I look forward to seeing more of Lorraine Broughton!

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Cheers again Navy! Loved it. Great vibe of the late 80’s and the chosen music as opposed to a score nailed it. The HTH combat was real and real world. I loved the fact that Charlize both took and gave a beating. Soaking it off in a bathtub of ice and numbing it with vodka and showing the bruises really sold it. Also, no tech beyond old school wire tapping and phones. No cell phones or internet. Cold war full on. I was in London in December of '89 and there was a very palpable vibe in the city and around Whitehall. Damn good ride.

Although I didn’t quite follow the story all the time, I absolutely loved the fight scenes, music and lighting.

I know it didn’t set the box office on fire, but I would love to see a sequel.

The music selection and edit were top notch and the apartment block/stairwell fight scene in east germany was a brutal lesson in how to stage extended hand to hand combat (the biggest lesson being: Allow your hero to get royally bashed up in the process).

Other than that it was a flimsy, style-way-above-substance exercise that tried to pass complication off as complexity, convolution as depth.

Looking forward to the bluray release

Picked this one up today on Blu-ray. Can’t wait to get a chance to watch it sometime this weekend.

I saw the movie in cinemas and really liked it. Theron was perfect. Tough as nails and sexy as hell. I’d definitely be lining up for a sequel, if that ever happens.

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