Back to The Bahamas - Thunderball Reunion

Some of you may be peripherally aware that I have published the odd book on James Bond’s travels to specific countries. Namely the Cote d’Azur and Italy, the latter was launched at the Matera Film Festival in October 2021.

June 2022 sees the release of ‘Filming James Bond in The Bahamas’, a book that covers not only Bond’s time above ground and below water, but where in The Bahamas the books took us and also to consider where people close to the history of James Bond lived and worked on the islands. For example, Kevin McClory, Ivar Bryce, Ian Fleming, and indeed Fleming’s mother.

Speaking to more than 50 people in research and interview, by way of example, I ask Why was an ice cream truck integral to the filming of Casino Royale?

We are launching this book in The Bahamas with a three day tour around New Providence and Paradise Island for 100 people culminating in the Main Event, the book’s launch at the Atlantis Resort in attendance with Luciana Paluzzi, Martine Beswicke, Diane Hartford and King Errisson, the congas band leader at the Kiss Kiss Club.

Supported by The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, hosted by David Zaritsky of The Bond Experience, this will prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Please head over to for the event brochure and tickets.

The coming weeks will see lots of videos and promotions for the preheat.

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Join an Exclusive Celebration of James Bond and his Favourite Destination at the Kiss Kiss Club. For one night only, at the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, The Bahamas, meet the four stars at the Thunderball Reunion. Cocktails, Bahamian Food, Live Music, Interviews with the stars and the launch of my latest book, Filming James Bond in The Bahamas, in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister of the Bahamas, The Honourable I. Chester Cooper.

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Looks terrific.

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Totally lovely! Wish I could join that adventure.

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Thanks fellas.

As above, there will be social posts and videos courtesy of the indefatigable David Zaritsky. Hopefully some of the magic will translate but yes, the journey from book to all this does seem quite incredible. And that is Martijn Mulder for you…!


As well as being supported very generously by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, it seems we are now attracting sponsorships and partnerships, very specifically for the one night event, An Evening at the Kiss Kiss Club.

We thank Jack’s Bay Club.