Beauty of Bond - a new art book curated by Jeff Marshall

I had the immense pleasure to interview at length Jeff Marshall. Celebrated artist of many subjects but notable to us for his depictions of the James Bond world, he has curated a book called, Beauty of Bond.

Who is Jeff Marshall, what caught his interest in James Bond, has he ever met any of the Bond actresses, was it love at first sight, does the art always come together easily or were there many attempts before he achieved happiness with the results?

So says the blurb;

"The James Bond film series is well-known for its ground breaking film making. Since 1962, actors from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig all had the distinct pleasure to portray Ian Fleming’s secret agent along with a variety of beautiful women. Some were innocent, some were naïve. Some were strong and determined; while some were the definition of evil.

The beautiful women surrounding James Bond are as much as a trademark of the films as the gadgets, cars and stunning locations. They all help make the films the spectacular stories we love so dearly, and this book looks at these women from a different and creative perspective.

In Beauty of Bond, well-known and respected artist Jeff Marshall presents 55 beautiful artwork spreads of women from the world of 007. These digital drawings come with words gathered by Simon Firth, explaining the what, why and hows. It gives the reader a unique insight into the mind of the artist."

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