"Being Bond: A Daniel Craig Retrospective" by Mark Salisbury

Feels like it might be about a year late, but…

Release date: September 6, 2022


Yes, a year too late.

Apparently, it‘s house cleaning time…

Fits the movie so🙄

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Originally it was scheduled for april, but somehow it’s moved back to september.
I ordered one months ago.

I already have the five other hardcover books focused on Craig’s Bond movies, so I’m not sure how much new ground this is going to cover. Amazon has some preview pages which give us an idea:


First I thought: oh, NOW you have an even closer look at the making of the films than your original making of-books? And even more than the James Bond Archives?

But damn, this preview makes me wanna buy that book, too. Afterwards, I‘m probably disappointed. But… the next book I will most certainly not… pass by.


So, another delay to November 2022.

Almost tradition now.


A passage from the book.


I bought the book yesterday. The part about NTTD’s scripting process sure is interesting.

Hodge’s script began in similar fashion to Purvis and Wade’s with Bond retired, this time in Majorca, where trouble again comes calling. The story took in Namibia and Russia before going into outer space with a giant rocket. “It had a very different tone. It felt like a pastiche in a way,” says Wade. “It also had this idea that M had ordered a hit on Bond, which didn’t ring true.”

In their version, Bond still died at the end, but Boyle and Hodge created a new love interest, Maria, although the producers insisted the character be changed to Madeleine Swann to continue the love story from SPECTRE.”

Purvis and Wade said their original plan was to have the poison garden in Cuban silos where the missile crisis weapons were housed, and there was going to be a hurricane as “a way of getting big, original action into the movie without it feeling like endless explosions.” They had a treatment that added Pompeii to Jamaica and Cuba, and the poison garden was relocated to Japan.


Thank you for this info.

I was waiting to buy this because I feared it would only recycle what already is in the Archives or the Making of.

Now I have to buy it.


Interesting information. Maybe Boyle and Hodge should have been given “Story By” credits.

Put me down for preferring the film we received.

Bond retiring in Jamaica has obvious significance.
M and Bond being at odds with one another but not outright enemies.
Madeleine as the love interest, building upon SPECTRE’s continuity.

All superior to the original draft’s ideas. I’d be interested to hear more about the finale in space, but it seems out of place to me. I suspect it still could’ve been along the lines of saving the global population. But we have that with the virus, and the poison garden location was overdue.


A climax in space to save all humanity certainly qualifies as a “grand send-off” for Bond (and frankly the sort of thing it’s easy to believe he would not be returning from alive), but it would have been way too grandiose an ending for the Craig era, which less face it has been far and away the least concerned with big-level threats out of the entire series. In fact I’d go so far as to call the threats of his era “piddling” compared with the global stakes of a YOLT, TSWLM, MR or even OHMSS. As it is, the climax of NTTD is jarringly grandiose for the more grounded and confined parameters of a Craig Bond; taking it to space would have been even more jarringly OTT.

I’m a bit intrigued by the notion of pushing M beyond merely incompetent (as in the final film) to flat-out villainous, and it’s fun to think of a Bond vs. Double-O Section scenario, but only briefly. I don’t really want to see Bond killing other Double-Ohs, especially if they’re acting in good faith as far as they know, and ultimately we’d end up with what we got in the old Star Trek films: the notion that only our heroes are fit to survive and all other members of the organization (MI-6 or Starfleet) are inferior.


Been there. Done that. Have the Blu-ray. Will upgrade to 4K.

And only Sir Roger had the gravitas to pull it off.


Not only that, Moonraker was at one time supposed to be Sir Roger’s final movie. Also, the non-canon 007 Legends sent DC’s Bond into space already.

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I did not know that, and it would have worked well–similar to Connery Bond on the cruise ship.

It was the last of his initial contract that all three of his successors had (3 with first refusal on 4, Dalton made it clear to Cubby he wouldn’t be using his first refusal, which would’ve killed the series in Cubby’s eyes, Brosnan was to the letter, if a tad soulless, then Craig they upped by one just before Skyfall came out)


I see what you did there.

But you must admit it would have been fitting, as Craig’s films were always somewhat lacking in atmosphere.


I am glad you did, 'cause I sure didn’t until I read your post LOL. I just liked to word.


I recieved it tonight from Amazon. Unfortunately it was a little damaged, so I asked for a replacement.