Being James Bond Documentary

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The coding thus instilled for Paid For content, the thinking rests in situ no matter whether free or not. All that happens with this if you miss the 48 hour window is, you click Rent again.

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It‘s available on apple + now, with the typically complicated German title „In der Haut von James Bond“ (in the skin of James Bond). Who thinks of those German titles, Buffalo Bill?


I’m going to watch it soon but I know exactly where you’re coming from. I was a Year 12 student when Craig began. I was known as a Bond fan since early Primary School, and vividly remember the circus around Craig’s casting, and how Casino Royale absolutely vindicated my faith in not just Daniel but the franchise. I loved Brosnan so much (still do) that I questioned if I’d like his replacement in the same way. I absolutely do. A lot has happened since 2006. I’ve been to University and had various jobs, but Craig has always been the constant, regardless of the lengthy delays in between films. This really does close that era off, and it makes me reflect upon all that time.


Good question.I never understood why the German translation of “Everything or Nothing” was “James Bond Puts The Lotion In The Basket.”


Just finished watching the documentary. I echo what @Matt_13 said - a must watch for everyone. Daniel really does appreciate having been Bond. As he said, it dawns on you the dynasty you’re a part of - Goldfinger, Live and Let Die, etc. And leaving feels okay now, because he made NTTD, which looks really amazing based on the footage they show.


Man, that packed way more of an emotional wallop than I was expecting. Seeing Craig tear up addressing the crew on the last night of filming for NTTD really hit me. Speaking of which, that footage from NTTD really does look amazing!


Beautiful documentary.
Love the way the three talk openly about the hardships along the way but always with that family and unity spirit… it’s how I feel about Bond: a family. Hope with Amazon or no Amazon that spirit never goes away.

And that We Have All The Time In The World in the end…always gets me!

I feel Daniel delivers the series better than when he joined and that’s the important thing.


That would probably be the case for anyone in any new environment. And even more so once, from which that environment has been departed to allow for retrospective context to flourish.

All that to say, I agree. I also believe that the role, and the ‘job’ of the role, requires a bloody strong personality to perform both the role, and, to do the job. And Daniel Craig has exemplified both.


Well-made documentary, reaching its goal of cementing Craig‘s complete embrace of the role.

I apparently underestimated how much his wrists-quote was still regarded by EON as something they have to fight off.

I also thought that the casting session would have persuaded me - from what they showed in this documentary I could not see him being perfect for Bond, nor from „Elizabeth“ (weird choice of film clip, with Craig hidden behind that cape).

And while it took me until SKYFALL to really accept Craig as Bond, I did enjoy his portrayal of Bond from CR onwards because it really was different from everything that came before.

I don‘t think that as BB says it is hard to imagine anyone else in that role. Simply because there already were great portrayals before. Hearing BB say this I wondered whether she had forgotten the predecessors and why.

All in all, the biggest revelation here was that Craig‘s leg injury during SPECTRE was so bad that he wore that brace for most of the principal photography, making it necessary to adapt the scenes to that. Which explains a lot. He was in pain the whole time, and all those scenes in which he sits or just stands now make sense.

Craig had the good fortune to step in when the world wanted a change. But I don‘t think that others if given this chance would not have been able to deliver this, too.

Edit: One more thing: Craig comes across as much more relaxed and funny than he was (allowed?) as Bond. In other words: he seemed to have much more fun in “Knives Out” than as Bond. Maybe that was due to the pressure he felt to deliver. But was it also a problem in the conception of his era?


I love the warmth between Craig, BB and MJW. Such genuine affection for each other, and - given their success - they all seem so grounded. No airs and graces. Lovely.


What a treat.