Bond 25 Album - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Has anyone else found any info on this release? It’s on the Decca Records Bond page and on the official 007 Store. The album was originally announced to coincide with the No Time To Die soundtrack in April last year.

I’ve just noticed that the release date on it now says October 2022. I suspect it’s been pushed back as a 60th anniversary release. They’ve already released the NTTD instrumental, which is great.

It seems odd to me that it’s been pushed back when it surely was ready to go 18 months ago.

It’s delaying to match the films release. Those albums sell FAR better when they coincide with a new films release (as do the books, the comics, the games…etc)

But October 2022! The original soundtrack for NTTD is still listed for October 2021.

It’s still October 1st 2021

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I’ve had confirmation from Decca Records that the album has indeed been pushed to October 7 2022. My guess is it will form part of some kind of 60th anniversary celebrations. I’d assume the digital release has also been pushed.

Amazon have now followed suit

60th anniversary thing seems likely

I wonder if the whole album will be rebranded as “Bond 60”.

They could add more orchestrations from over the years and release it with the 60th logo