Bond 25 product placement predictions

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I thought it might be an interesting parlour game to consider what clothing brands/items might be featured in Bond 25.

Jamaica will give opportunity for tropical wear, and London, Italy and Norway will provide for a further range of climates and settings from smart casual to formal and even outdoors or ‘tactical’. I think it’s interesting to consider, because we know that there are many fans out there who love to seek out the exact items that get featured, with websites and Youtube channels catering to these desires. The result is some brands get catapulted to ‘must have’ status with a certain cohort, the items in question become quickly sold out despite exorbitant prices, and a thriving secondary market in second-hand or replica items then develops.

Beyond the Tom Ford suits, we know that Jamy Temime during her tenure favoured calling on hallowed British (or at least Euro) brands, particularly for casual or outdoors wear.

Who knows what approach Suttirat Anne Larlarb will take to costuming, but it’s unlikely to be a dramatic departure from what we’ve seen in the Craig tenure to-date. (Interestingly, Larlarb has worked a lot with Danny Boyle in the past so I wonder if she was brought onboard when he was still sitting in the director’s seat?) The closest thing I could see to a Bond film in Larlarb’s resume was George Clooney’s 2010 film ‘The American’.

Anyway, here is my first clothing prediction: Bond will at some point wear R.M. Williams chelsea boots.

Although R.M. Williams is not a British product, it is not far off and it meets all the other criteria in terms of being handmade, beautiful, high quality, somewhat elite while still maintaining a traditional work ethic, and from a hallowed brand with a long and storied history. We also know that Craig particularly favours them in his personal life, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a significant say in how he’s dressed.

What do you think? What brands or particular clothing items do you think we will see for a first (or return) time?

Costume wise I think there will be subtle nods to Doctor No and Live And Let Die.
Expecting an updated Navy blazer light trouser combo ( only cause I want an excuse to buy one)

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I wouldn’t bet against a pair of Orlebar Brown swim shorts rising out of the Caribbean.


Again there might not be any smartphone marketed even from the company Daniel Craig uses in his daily life. Craig might care for that big chunk of money just hold or use for 5-12 minutes.

Suites, sport coats, dress pants shirts and casual dress wear might be Tom Ford again. Unless they have gone with some else.

Watch might or got to be the Omega Seamaster.

A while back, Matt Spaiser, of The Suits of James Bond, visited the NYC Billy Reid and tried on a jacket that he was told to “soon expect to see this item on someone special.”

It looks quite similar to a jacket that we’ve seen on a stuntman driving the V8 Volante.



Not likely.