Bond 25 production pictures (Spoilers)




The man gave the best acting advice i’ve ever heard “your job is to give the creators options at the audition. Anything beyond that is a bonus”


A Bond fan slaps on some skis to spy on a filming location. Fake snow being put into trees. A Range Rover. Smoke machines. Things are going down…


That house is SO going to burn down.


The two cars being worked on are 2018 Land Rover Discovery and a Tesla Model S.

Both modern, so not a flashback?


Good call. Possible they are part of the production, but I would add that the cabin has a very modern look as well.

Any idea of that silver thing in the middle?


The flashback may happen while they’re there in present day. They visit her childhood place and she tells them about her first encounter with SPECTRE when she was little.

The silver thing might just be… a silver thing. Or the “heavy smoke machine” the article mentions or a device to store large quantities of dry ice.


So either the guy with the yellow hat is a stunt driver, or someone who is clumsy on the ice and needs protection. I’m guessing the former, which makes me wonder if we’ll get an ice chase (perhaps a villain or henchman chasing this grown up girl?)


A solex agitator v.2 ?


Looks like the action (2nd) unit is gearing up. Remember when we were getting similar pics from Austria on SP before the snow had arrived? I suspect more of the same.


Is it possible that the scene actually isn’t a flashback and rather Bond and Madeline have a child together?


Certainly possible, but we know they were casting in the 10-14 year old range, so the movie would need to jump ahead a few years…


I did think of that. To me, it’s a possibility, albeit an unlikely one. I think the scene will likely include a flashback to young Madeleine interlaced with an action scene in the present day, possibly ending with Madeline captured/dead.


Other than the B&W bathroom kill during the PTS for Casino Royale, has the Bond series ever employed flashback before? Am I just being dense at the moment? :thinking:


We named a couple at the top of this post but you’re right about CR - I think we missed that one!


The casting call explicitly said that the girl is going to play Lea Seydoux as a child…


Leaning towards this as well at the moment.

Interesting that the location is so similar to where Bond found Mr White too. Thought they may have mixed it up slightly.


Ah, right you are! Thanks!


We definitely did miss that one.


That is a shame that it seems so similar. There hasn’t been a whole lot of variety in the Craig films compared with the earlier entries, unfortunately. What’s the over/under that Italy will be featured…again in Bond 25?