NO TIME TO DIE Spoilers (production pictures & videos)

Continuing the discussion from News on BOND 25:

Much more interesting than this is the tweet right below, which leads to our friends from Brazil:



More from James Bond Norway:

With thanks to Red_Snow:

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Could that be a


flashback from Madeleine´s past?


Does this mean Jesper Christiansen will be returning?

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CGI aged down or a younger look-alike?

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Take with a grain of salt.

Madeleine Swann childhood flashback, perhaps?


It does sound like the childhood story she told Bond in SP.

Flashback / dream!

Could it be that she’s having trouble getting over her past; the twist being that she’s the one not adjusting well to settling down, rather than Bond?

Or it reveals an alternate version of her story - an important detail she left out which incriminates her (ergo she lied to Bond)? Or a detail relevant to a new villain.

Damn. They are actually doing this.

Further down the rabbit hole of retrofitting? Or was this always the plan?

Either way it seems as though they’re putting a bit more thought into utilising the past than a few b&w posters stuck on walls.

Tbh it is quite exciting :slight_smile:

We´ll see.

I don´t want to judge anything now. But my gut feeling is, um… why? If that really is what it seems to be it should reveal new information. Just illustrating what we already know would be boring.

But does that kind of thing really belong in a Bond movie? I hope they will not go too much into any psychological exploration of any character here. In thrillers that always, IMO, feels forced and could rather be shown through action in the here and now.

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Could it even be the introduction of one of the villains? A spectre loyalist that Madeline remembers working with her father hence the flashback.

The one thing we have not (to my knowledge) thrown around, is Obenhauser (Blofeld) having a son (perhaps the Rami Malek-like character?) The french casting tweet though only calls for a lone female child, so that might throw that wild theory out the window.

Indeed! As i mentioned above it should either motivate character action; Her bad dreams are undermining Bond’s retirement, motivating her to end it, or him to go back to work.

Or, more likely informs our understanding of the new antagonist’s motivations/plot. Moreover, perhaps presenting a relevant detail/person.

The outside runner is that said detail reveals to us that she’s in fact the/an enemy. I highly doubt they’ll pull this switch as it completely undermines SP (would her cunning plan have including almost being blown to bits unless Bond had thought of making that leap at Vauxhall Cross House?)

My money is that it’s more straight forward and these bad dreams in their ‘domestic bliss’ in hiding (with new names) foreshadow her demise at the hands of SPECTRE, who’ve discovered their location.

Image taken from here…


Well, so much for tight security…

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I would LOVE that. And it would be easily explained that Blofeld knew she was trying to doublecross him, so he tried to eliminate her.

Or… and that would work even better for me since I never believed that finale: Blofeld never wanted to get away, he wanted Bond to capture him. “Fly deep and as slow as possible, he has to get us with one bullet! Aim for the bridge to crashland!”

Yeah, that will not happen. But the first idea might.

And hey, what about


Madeline actually turning out to be Irma Bunt herself?

No offence SAF but, No, no and no.

If a young Madeline is being shown, will a youth-ed Jesper Christensen be back as well?

Having her as a competing faction with Blofeld and so Blofeld tries to ‘kaboom’ her is logical. And Maddy turning out to be that character would doubtless be tempting to Eon to the final part of her reveal. But it’s surely too similar to Oberthingy revealing a ‘new name’. Plus the double-crossing lover has also already happened to Craig-Bond with Vesper.

For me it all jumps the shark (again) if her hostage status was faked. Bond came up with the idea to leap - if not they’d both have been kaboomed!