Bond 25 production pictures (Spoilers)


The guy with the helmet and vest? I think he was part of the water safety team - there were like 5-6 of them present…


I think I briefly mused on that idea as well a few posts ago. I don’t think it will happen. I know an early draft of Quantum of Solace, I believe, dealt with Bond finding out about Vesper’s daughter, but it was cut out as the producers couldn’t figure out an organic way of Bond’s response to this news. I think it’s more likely that Bond 25 will not feature a time jump and will just take place sometime after Spectre. It may feature a delay similar to the timeframe between QoS and SF, though we don’t know how long that actually was. CR and QoS both took place in 2006 and SF was sometime after that. It’s possible SF took place in 2012, but it’s never really hinted at and Spectre takes place a few months after Skyfall. So it is plausible, if SF/SP are in 2012, and Bond 25 takes place in its year of release, Bond and Madeleine could have a child that is roughly 7, but they specifically were looking for a child between the ages of 10-14. In the end, it’s an intriguing idea, but unlikely.


I can see that now with that explanation. Interesting.


Very interesting idea!


Jamaica might suggest a take on TMWTGG + YOLT novels rather than Dr. No, given this section remains unfilmed - maybe some kind of amalgamation of Scaramanga and Bond in the swamp and The Castle of Death


Just to add to the Jamaica speculation, there’s a note on the GoldenEye Resort website which could easily be covering for planned filming:

“Between May 6th and December 19th, 2019, GoldenEye will be undergoing construction to certain areas on property to enhance the overall experience. Special reduced room rates, complimentary activities, and creative dining experiences are being offered during this period.”

Of course, it could all just be long planned improvements.


I sincerely hope they will not do this. Bond should not ever be depicted as a father. It would rob his whole allure and bring him down to earth too much.


I agree. But in the context of Eon possibly considering killing Craig’s Bond, maybe they see it as a compromise in the upping of the stakes market. Both are pretty daft if you ask me.


Actually, this reads more like them trying to keep premises open while renovating/redecorating everything, with the accompanying noise and smell of paint and whatnot. I would expect - if Eon was behind it - that they simply book everything and have the run of the place without nosey fans and paparazzi creeping all over the shooting.



News on BOND 25

rewatched spectre tonight - struck me that the house looked very aged by the weather - also that the house looked similar to this one built in norway - and obviously Oberhauser paid a visit to Mr White - I think its definitely a “younger version” of this house - not sure if I need this kind of flashback in 007 but I guess its happening so I’m sure they’ll make it cool


If so, then i wonder why they can’t simply use the same house they used in SP.

If it is supposed to be the same house, then the original one in SP is must either unavailable, or they want to blow it up.

The latter would obviously mean the location is used in the present, as well as in a flashback.


I mean honestly… it doesn’t look anything like the Spectre house…


To be honest, I like the idea (possibility) of this new cabin being one that Swann talks Bond into purchasing in Norway as a close facsimile to the memory of her old home. I just don’t see the production company spending the money and time for a short flashback sequence. Perhaps they mask (CGI) it for the dream sequence to look like the old home, but then use it as is for the modern sequence that includes being blown up?


I seem to recall They built the spectre house as well right? They would have had to dismantle it when they left - perfectly normal to build something somewhere else with a different subsidy from a different government to film in their country


Actually there is a video from The Bond Experience where they visit the cabin that was used in the film.


Well they’re both definitely ‘house shape’ :wink:

Nope, without a doubt the new one isn’t the one in Spectre.


Lol yes, they are both very much house shaped. :smiley:


What if it’s new AND the hut from Spectre? Cutting between Madeline’s house on the lake as a child, and the one she has with Bond now as someone above suggested. The second man from her childhood being the man targeting them in the present day.


Even in a rough climate (and if it’s meant to be the SPECTRE house, the climate isn’t that rough in Austria), a house like this can’t age that much in 15, maybe 20 years. It’s clearly not the same house, and not meant to be.

BTW, the original house in Austria is owned (but not run) by one Dietrich Mateschitz, head of Red Bull.