Bond 25 Spoilers (production pictures & videos)

Imagine Skyfall’s PTS in a single shot.


Imagine Skyfall, the entire film, in a single shot :open_mouth:

Again, for those of us not subscribing to these Norwegian sites, is there any news here?

Seems like Norwegian reporters are making a lot of ski tours these days:

The question is: is it or is it not Daniel Craig near the end of the film?

Will have to do some translating first so this is pure guesswork: could be that they say that the Norway scenes will take six minutes of the movie.

Definitely not! Among other features the nose is very different. A stunt double, or staff that just happens to look a little like him.




It’s possible, but for me it’s the nose; concave vs convex.

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Maybe they hired a few people who look a bit like him, just to poke a bit of fun…

Here’s what the lady in the film says:

Sorry, you are not allowed to enter here,
And here you are not allowed to be!
Hey hey.
Now we are looking for James Bond.
Certainly Daniel Craig and Rami Malek.
That’s the plan.
Right now they are (we don’t know yet) …
here to record Bond 25.
Because it’s so secret!
The whole world knows they are playing in Hakadal.
But … they still hold the cards close to the chest,
so we are not allowed to visit.
Or get some information, then …
We take the slice!
Hey, can I ask for one thing?
Have you seen guards?
You’re not going to James Bond you?
Should you ??
If we continue straight ahead we will get there then?
Yes, up here now a T-junction, then right.
This is how we collect information.
We’ve learned where to go.
We have heard it will be a total of six minutes
finished film from Norway.
Just by walking in Hakadal.
It’s the set !!
What shall we say?
Are you awake? (Good question!)
Just drive by.
That we might see something at the end of the trail?
Should they be here all week?
At least one week maybe.
Clearly we are here as journalists …
So now we have even more info (maybe …)
That they might spend two weeks, not one!
(Bring it with a pinch of salt …)
It’s Daniel Craig !!
Filmweb is not a good paparazzi …


Well, good on them for trying - looks like fun!

The individual does bear a resemblance to Craig, so perhaps a stunt double/body double for long shots driving!?

Why the suit, tie and black overcoat; seems inappropriate for the climate if he’s not in front of the camera. But that begs the question why is Bond dressed for a funeral in this scene. Perhaps he’s just been to one! Maddy’s?

That would be an idea opportunity to have this rumoured mi6 collegue approach him to recruit or pump for info!?

Just fun speculation for a slow day.

Good point about the suit and tie. Definitely think it must be a Craig double then. Although slightly unusual choice of clothing for a frozen location.

If that is a stunt double, I suppose his short cropped haircut is a clue on Daniel’s hair length for this film. Always a subject I find rather silly, but it does surface every film.

If that’s a clue, it would seem the film is following the Skyfall/Spectre styles, so we can expect more Ill-fitting suits too.

Looking forward to the surfing videos when the production moves to Jamaica.

You mean slim or skinny fit. It’s the current fashion, so Bond has it. It’s a frilly shirt from OHMSS, the suit two sizes too big in TND or Rogers flares, it’s just the way it is.


Yea, I know it is. It still looks kind of weird.

Malek’s body double?

Edit: Never mind, just saw he’s sharing a scene with (possibly) young Madeline. He’s the other Spectre hitman. I really like the broken mask.

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Wow, some real news(ish)!

The mask is great, very eerie and chimes with CJFs talent for psychological horror. I hope that’s a tone he maintains throughout the movie.

If the mask is to be kept on, this actor could be doubling for anyone, except perhaps Malek.

It’s important to note that character doesn’t shoot at the girl when he has the chance.

I’m guessing her sudden crouching was due to warning shots which (high speculation warning!!!) makes the ice beneath her break. The man then shoots down at the ice, but again, if this was targeting the girl why would he then reach in to rescue her?

It looks more like the girl’s gone into the water because the warning shots broke the ice and she has then drifted under the ice, so the man shoots around her position to break the ice and lift her out.

The actor resembles a young Mr White, but he’s more likely one of the targets, so why the mask (unless he’d killed a hitman and donned his mask in order to escape under that guise).

But far more likely is that this is probably Blofeld. He saves the girl (who’s life he’ll later collect (making 'The Death Collector’ a potential title!?!). He probably then detonates a bomb he’s left in the house (wasn’t it rumoured that the house will go BOOM?), thinking White is still inside. He rescues the girl just so he can kill her father in front of her: It’s Blofeld’s established MO that he prefers to make people live in pain, rather than kill them and doing this to young Maddy may be getting treated as a first instance of this.

Of course it backfires, because White escaped the explosion. It’s Blofed’s evil indulgence in torturing the girl which gives White the chance to get clear, causing Blofeld some chagrin.

Hey, it’s Friday - anything goes speculation day :crazy_face:

EDIT: The reason for the mask could be a retrofit in order to explain why White went on to work for Blofeld after this; because White never knew this was Blofeld attempting a SPECTRE/QUANTUM coup d etat.

That’s awesome. Genuinely spooky visuals. And we’re off!

Exciting to see something legitimate from B25 (which I hope is named soon). The mask is theatrical and scary, which is perfectly fine by me.

This. It doesn’t really look like she’s running away from him. It more looks like they both run away from the house (which most likely is expected to be blown up soon). White instructs his daughter to run and not care for him while he follows, visibly injured. She breaks into the ice (that’s the crouching) and he shots the ice and breaks it to catch her.

My speculation:
Two killers are sent by SPECTRE to kill White (who works for Quantum, a competitor) for whatever reason, one of them is Oberhauser/Blofeld. White kills the other one and dons his clothes and mask to set up a trap for Blofeld. They fight, White gets injured but (seemingly) wins. He lights a fuse to blow up the house and leaves Blofeld for dead (who manages to escape, unbeknownst by White.

And here’s the twist: White goes to SPECTRE and poses as the second killer. He reports that the job is done, White and his daughter are dead, thus protecting Madeleine from further assasination attempts. For some reason (maybe a SPECTRE modus operandi), no one knew that guy’s face, except for Blofeld, whom he believes to be dead. White now works for SPECTRE, but is a mole for Quantum. Upon his return, Blofeld recognizes him and blackmails him with his knowledge, maybe immediately, maybe he waits until he needs him to take over both Quantum and SPECTRE.


Would certainly make sense why Madeleine doesn’t remember Blofeld coming to her house if he was wearing a creepy mask