Bond 25 theme song


Yeah, I gather Radiohead did their pitch purely because Mendes asked.


Will be interesting to see if Universal has any in who gets the gig. They do have quite a number of record labels under the Universal Music Group banner.


Oh, yes! Who is currently considered “hot” and under contract?



The list is literally endless, all across the spectrum of genres, from Queen to Queens of the Stone Age, ABBA to Zuccero.

Then again…that ‘hot’ monicker is probably something decided by YouTube and Spotify, maybe as late as a month after primary shooting. If it’s about acts the younger audiences favour chances are I haven’t even heard of them.


Adele just announced a new album for the end of 2019…

Just saying.


I think this is very likely for Craig’s swan song


It would maybe be the best compromise between star appeal, voice and tradition they could come up with. Though I have to say I’ve since cooled towards Skyfall it’s still a very respectable entry and an instant classic of the series. To me the most memorable since Goldeneye.

The real question would be if they can serve her something different with a similar impact. Bessey had three very distinctive entries - though Diamonds Are Forever was more than a little influenced by Goldfinger. Adele would be wasted if she had to just deliver a Skyfall-derivative.


I think there’s pretty much zero chance of Adele returning. I just don’t see them using someone twice nowadays: it’d be a bit too desperate-looking.

I’m also not convinced she’d do it: she seems to go very much her own way.


The risk is not being able to repeat a huge success.

Then again, Adele has proven already she can pull this off with her last album selling just as well as her huge grammy winning album.

And if EON wanted to stress the tradition of Bond singers like Bassey returning they would ask Adele again, of course.

In the end, the timing might be coincidental.

But I think we will get another Adele-sung Bond song in 2019.


Why do you think they would? Seems unlikely to me.


Why? If Adele becomes the Shirley Bassey of the Craig Era it will generate tons of good PR for both. And to have her new album feature the new Bond song - hey, that’s cross promotion at its best!


It generates good publicity for the Bond films no matter who they use, and Adele doesn’t really need the publicity. I already said why I think it’s unlikely: they haven’t repeated an artist for nearly 40 years and they only every repeated one. Adele did a good theme but trying to relive the success of 2012 rather looks like they’ve given up; plus Adele said it was an odd song for her write as it wasn’t about her own experiences. All the evidence says it won’t happen. I don’t think your average person on the street even knows that Bassey did more than one (even if you say Diamonds and Goldfinger they’d know them both) so I’m not sure that it’s a ‘tradition’ that has any worth.
Nothing’s impossible, but it just seems unlikely to me.



Then again, they wanted Adele to return for SPECTRE.


Interesting question, did they actually avoid asking back title song performers? Or did it just not happen because of circumstances?

Also, the songs themselves seemed to have less and less impact over the years, at least outside the fanbase of the respective artists. Adele’s was insofar the odd one out.

If the market strategists get their way it’s likely it’s going to be some hot-at-the-moment star whose career isn’t on the longish side. But if there was a chance a big name could be had…I wonder how that would go then.


Who’s said that? And why didn’t she?


To be fair to him (even if it was dreadful) Sam Smith’s was the first Bond theme to go to number 1 in the UK charts.


I can’t find the article anymore which stated it back then - only this one:

And this one, by the way, already hinted at the rumor that Craig and Adele were coming back for BOND 25:

Yes, both are absolutely reliable sources - and so there is no doubt about this anymore.

Still… If I were a betting man… a new Adele album announced for the end of 2019… a new Bond film announced for the end of 2019…

All in.


Yes, that’s probably more noteworthy than the Academy award he got for it. Though nowadays it’s becoming increasingly difficult to measure a song’s impact with charts - airplay or sales - when streaming is the lion’s share of the business. It may even be his dedicated fans didn’t all buy the song when it was included in whatever flatrate deals they have these days at the streaming services.


Well I really don’t know if you’d call the Daily Star a top source, but if she wasn’t up for it then isn’t it likely she wouldn’t be up for it now?