No Time to Die theme song

I’m aware it’s often one of the last things to revealed but I thought a thread dedicated to discussion of it would be good.

I’m aware it’s really left field (though not far from Chris Cornell) but I’ve been really enjoying Myles Kennedy lately. He’d be fantastic, but I don’t see EON going for him.

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The annoying thing today is that the choice of title song seems entirely in the hands of the market gazers. And that artists themselves hand in so frightfully pedestrian efforts. In my opinion Sam Smith’s song was rather middling. But it still towered head and shoulders over Radiohead’s. Both could have done far better, though Smith’s at least had the edge of a catchy melody.

Myles Kennedy may be just the right degree of left field to appeal to the suits - only the danger would be he’d be paired with one from the current flavour-of-the-week artists to haul in the YouTube generation.

I still would like to hear a Björk theme song. Or better even a Goldfrapp one, though she’s developed far beyond her debut album. If The Black Keys ever decided to do a comeback a Bond theme would be just the thing to do…

I’d like to hear the Black Keys tackle a Bond theme- Specifically, THE James Bond Theme. I think they could interpret it with a garage rock type of vibe that I think Jack White was trying to do with AWTD- but without the clashing intrusiveness of Alicia Keys.

Auerbach seems to do exactly what he wants and likes on his own these days; Carney seems much the same, only without actually doing a lot. So any Black Keys comeback is probably entirely hypothetical. Yet Auerbach could just as well tackle it alone; he’s got that ear for a spectacular tune.

Being of a particular age… I have seen theme songs from artists I was unaware of, to artists I was aware of, to artists I have no clue existed. Just as long as it isn’t the last artist, puhleeze.

The good news is, like with many aspects of the forthcoming BOND 25, they will have a hard time doing worse than they did on the previous outing, so in some respects its almost immaterial who they choose to perform the song.

That said, and I’ve championed them probably for each Bond film before its release, but I think it’s finally time for U2 to get their crack at it.

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Problem is, now you’re into subjective. Writing on the wall, as ‘meh’ as i find it and how angrilly typed about on the internet though it is, sold hugely well and won multiple awards. I garuntee you EON, MGM and whoever the distributor ends up being, will care far more about those awards and its chart positions than anything else.

Pretty much everything that is written on these forums, unless dealing with sales figures, box office, totals, etc., is subjective.

Indeed, the problem lies in that songs sales and awards mean we’ll be getting popular artist of the moment as its worked well for them twice in a row now, in a way that going a bit more left field didnt with Cornell and Jack White.

Another Way to Die is definitely a controversial Bond song. But I cannot say I noticed much controversy over You Know My Name; it seemed to be popular enough with fans and is even played at times on some radio stations. Not a feat every Bond song can claim.

As for Smith’s Academy Award, well, even he himself didn’t seem all that comfortable with that one… (strictly subjectively speaking of course)

On that note, I had predicted Ed Sheeran in another thread, given EON’s recent trend of hiring the most commercially and critically successful new British recording artist (Adele, Sam Smith). I had predicted that if “The Shape of You” were to win the Grammy for Record of the Year, it would be a done deal, but since it was the shocking omission of the nominees, said prediction is on shaky ground.

A Sheeran Bond theme would probably sound something like “I See Fire” from “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug” but with more bombastic orchestrations:

Is it really a trend at this point that EON has been hiring critically and commercially successful British artists? At most, it’s happened in consecutive films, hardly a trend I would say, and there’s a big difference between hiring Adele and hiring Sam Smith. As much as I dislike Adele’s music, I get why she was brought aboard. She had been one of the hottest artists on the planet for a period of time during which SKYFALL was being developed and released. Her being brought aboard came as a surprise to absolutely nobody. Sam Smith is the only one that Ii would argue falls into this category, as they went chasing after a similar success that they had with Adele by bringing on Smith, despite the fact that he was likely considered by most to be nowhere in near the same league as Adele.

Then, of course, you have their predecessors, among whom you’d have to go back to A VIEW TO A KILL to find the last British artist to perform a Bond theme in Duran Duran. Following them, you had a Norweigen group (a-ha), and American performers Gladys Knight, Tina Turner, Sheryl Crow, Garbage, Madonna, Chris Cornell, Jack White, and Alicia Keys.

The last time a genuine British music trend made it into mainstream was probably the britpop/dubstep wave during the Brosnan era - when for a time fans were absolutely sure the next theme would be done either by Blur or Oasis. It’s baffling they apparently never even tried to pick this up when it was still hot. Maybe that missed opportunity is what made them play it safe recently.

My top choice would be Michael Buble. There’s a youtube video of his song “I’m Feeling Good” played over clips of Daniel Craig’s 007 adventures that is absolutely terrific. He really should do a Bond theme song.

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Michael Buble, +1

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In my opinion Michael would have been a perfect choice for Pierce era. I’m one of those who think an instrumental theme is now the best choice possible especially for Craig’s end of tenure. Lindsey Stirling has my vote.

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.”

  • Goldfinger


I like to see Phil Collin help write the song and help pick the singer.

Please, no. He’s about the last person I’d like to see anywhere near Bond. And next in line is Michael Bublé…


I would have been in favor of Phil Collins back when he was in his prime, but unfortunately, that time has passed, I think.