Bond Fan Outline

I corresponded with TheSpectre and came up with an idea for an “Ultimate Bond” style timeline based on his Lazenby trilogy (albeit with a few changes.) He gave his permission so I’ve decided to share it with y’all. Feedback is greatly appreciated

Here we go,

1960: Casino Royale; Spectre is pulling the strings of Vesper. Bond is about 30 at this point, and has even been promoted just in time (spectre mentioned a race car drive sabotage instead of a plane attack). Bond thwarts Le Chiffre and Vesper commits suicide. White (or his stand-in) is brought in to custody

1960: Quantum of Solace: The main difference I’d change is that I’d make it Argentina; Spectre is behind the coup in order to have a puppet regime where they can operate freely. Bond fights with Camille Montes, an Argentinian woman after revenge; bonding with Camille allows Bond to open up and truly mourn. They thwart the coup, and Bond is able to force the ringleader (either Greene’s stand-in or white’s stand-in) to cough up information; it’s not much but he has a name - SPECTRE.

1960-1961 Live and Let Die: I think the racial stuff can certainly be toned down or excised and still have a good story. It’s one of his early missions and allows him and Felix to form a real friendship (I’m imagining he could be somewhat older and more experienced than even Bond is i.e. Felix is mid-late 30s to Bond’s 30.)

1961: Moonraker: This would be based largely on the book, taking place in England.

1962: Dr No. Two years have passed since Argentina. Bond goes to the Caribbean. I’d eliminate the more rapey and racist scenes but I think otherwise it’s mostly salvageable. Bond is surprised to see the name SPECTRE come up again, remembering it from the encounter 2 years ago.

1963: From Russia With Love: Spectre at this point is deeply annoyed. Bond’s interfered with TWO of their operations and killed Julius No (who is revealed to be on the Council). So now they want blood.

1964: Goldfinger: The main thing I’d change is Bond converting Pussy to heterosexuality. That’s just stupid. Instead Bond manages to appeal to her conscious and connects with her on a personal level, which allows him to persuade her to turn on Goldfinger.

1965: Thunderball: I’d ditch the scene where Bond coerces the woman at the spa into having sex with him (Bond may be a lech but he has standards). I’ll have to rewatch the movie overall but I like the idea of Spectre using nukes to hold people hostage.

1965-1967: Man with the Golden Gun occurs somewhere around this point.

1967: You Only Live Twice: Not sure what changes; the race changing is cringe inducing but the volcano lair and Blofeld’s plan are great (though the bit where Blofeld shoots Osato and THEN tries to kill Bond was just dumb.)

1969: OHMSS: Bond finally tracks Blofeld down with Draco; he’s still looking beforehand but getting frustrated with his lack of progress. The main change would be Bond pretending to be Sir Hillary’s valet (with a disguise.) Blofeld, in a moment of dick, murders Sir Hillary for helping Bond. In January 1970 Tracy is murdered.

1970: Skyfall: A major theme would show that Bond is still wounded by Tracy’s death. He’s tempted to sleep with Severine but refuses. After Silva is taken into custody she’s also given a debriefing. Felix notices her and tries to help her; Severine ultimately gets a normal life to have a happy ending (because it can’t be all depressing…

1971: I think For Your Eyes Only can work. Tracy’s death is still relatively open for Bond hence why he goes on the warpath. He’s paired with Melina Havelock (a trainee who’s wanting to get promoted to full 00.) She kills Kristatos, earning her second kill.

1972: Spectre/Diamonds are Forever: The final battle with Blofeld. Pretty much thespectre’s version, except Bond and Tiffany have more chemistry. Bond opens up more about his past, and is impressed with her firey personality and bad-assery. It’s the start of a relationship that develops more.

Interim: License to Kill: It might be weird having Tiffany Case in the plot but I also think there’s potential. Tiffany I imagine as someone who is more willing to get their hands dirty than even Bond (she worked for SPECTRE after all). Bond is officially retired at this point, but he’s still appalled when Sanchez commits his crime.

Pam Bouvier I’d change slightly; she’s Felix’s protege (he believed in her when no one else did and helped her earn her place) and wants to help for that reason. She and Tiffany have some…interesting interaction (Tiffany is MUCH more cold blooded than Pam).

1977: Five years have passed but there are rumors that SPECTRE is rising again; Bond and Tiffany are both attacked (since the movie isn’t out yet I’m guessing; the only thing I know is that Safin sees himself as Blofeld’s heir and seeks to rise to power.) Bond is forced to come out of retirement to stop Safin’s mad plans.

Might want to include one of the Brosnan stories (I think Tomorrow never dies works best in that he’s trying to incite a war for money)