Bond Unknown - 007 vs Cthulhu


For something that promises to be very different, how’s this for a concept?

“Bond Unknown” pits Ian Fleming’s creation, James Bond, against threats from the Mythos of HP Lovecraft in two novelettes, “Mindbreaker” from Edward M. Erdelac, and “Into The Green” from Willie Meikle.

More info in the link:


Interesting idea. How exactly are they getting by the copyright issue? is this going to be Canada exclusive? Reminds me, has anyone read that compilation of Bond short stories, Licence Expired: The Unauthorized James Bond, which was Canada only?


I have read several books by Erdelac and none of them have been exclusive to Canada. I have no idea how they’re getting around the copyright issue, especially since it’s a legitimate publisher, though an indie publisher for sure.


I’ve read Licensed Expired it is worth looking into


Is it easy to get ahold of? I’ve got a trip up north in November and was thinking I could pick up a copy then. Hopefully it is carried in your average Canadian bookstore.


It is. I bought it when it first came out from Chapters/Indigio. Occasionally I still see it on the shelves at a Chapters or Indigo location (in fact, I think it’s on the bargain bookshelves now). So make sure you look around carefully, especially in the bargain section where it may be present without appearing on the store computer system.


Can I living in the USA order Licence Expired from Amazon.Ca and have it shipped to me? Or can it only be shipped in Canada?


Yes, I did.


Cool. Wasn’t sure if that was the case or not.


Really? I tried and it gave me a shipping restriction.


Did anyone end up ordering this? I did and I have to say, I loved MINDBREAKER. It really reads like a classic Bond adventure and would make a great movie.