BONDLIST Events for 2019-20

NO SPOILERS BONDLIST for November 4, 2019


Several BONDLIST’ers have props and posters at Heritage Auctions including items I’ve not seen for auction before! The timing is good as the last Heritage Signature Auction had VERY low prices for Bond lots.

An intriguing lot holds a photo shoot with women who tested (successfully and unsuccessfully) for QUANTUM OF SOLACE. For the photos, Daniel Craig didn’t tell the actresses that he would embrace them on camera, to capture their natural reactions!

There are about 20 Bond film props in lots of multiple props, and exciting posters in superb condition:


More than 30 fans are registered for BONDLIST’s BOND LOCATIONS CRUISE for October 2020! Why cruise? Well, 007, we have new locations and surprises in store, and a cabin deposit is just $25 per person, the balance payable in May! The group includes top podcasters and webmasters, a university professor who teaches on Fleming and the Bond films, couples celebrating weddings and honeymoons with the group at sea, and many collectors and fans!

We also have a single female seeking a cabin mate so please write soon. Next year’s locations include stunning places from a dozen books and films, especially LIVE AND LET DIE (New Orleans), LICENCE TO KILL (Key West) and THUNDERBALL, NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN and CASINO ROYALE (The Bahamas):


Sincere thanks go to Claudio Rodrigues for his recent cruise post:

After years and years of research, Matt Sherman finally found this (disputed) location, which no one else knew about before, just like many other locations Matt takes his groups to visit, simply delighting them with a first glimpse of a hard to find location, and all due to his extensive knowledge and his hard work.

Matt always surprises his groups with gems like that, always having something in store for people who attend to his tours. I feel very proud to know him and to have been a part of the New Orleans tour he put up last year. If you have the chance, I strongly recommend looking this guy up whenever you plan to visit Bond locations in the US, and I can hardly wait for our Bond cruise next year, I’m eager to see what Matt will have in store for us! Come with us in our Bond cruise next year, organized by Matt, you won’t regret that! And it even rhymes! Could well be a motto! LOL!


BONDLIST’ers enjoyed numerous spy films last month in Maryland:


Matt and Janine Sherman are leading a February 2020 tour of Israel, working in tandem with Tom Short of TSCM! To see the Holy Land as it’s meant to be seen, November is the final month to sign on and join a number of us BONDLIST’ers going to the Middle East together!