Bond's Omega Seamaster

One thing I thought was a bit odd in the movie (which I did like despite its flaws) was how after the five year gap, Bond is seen wearing the distinctive Omega Seamaster we’ve seen in all the press shots and trailers for pretty much the rest of the movie.

But THEN Q presents him with effectively the exact same watch, but with the EMP gadget in it (a great gadget imo - very reminiscent of the EMP coin in the Everything or Nothing game for PS2). It’s presented in the movie as if he’s getting the watch for the first time, even though he’s been wearing it for the whole movie. Does it strike anyone as a weird coincidence that Q would just happen to present Bond with a gadgetty version of a watch he already owns?

In a film loaded with plot contrivances, this is hardly a mark against it, I just thought it was odd. In the older movies Bond would usually have a completely different watch (ie the Bulova LED) to the one Q would eventually give him (ie the magnetic Rolex).

I just thought his watch was outfitted with the new gadget.

Q added it to Bond’s own watch, much like the added gadgets to the DB5.

Bond was staying at Q’s place, so Q should have known which watch to prepare for him.

Conversation at the breakfast table: “Ah, Bond, as long as you were on the service, you were always the first one to pester me for the latest Omega model. Now that you’ve got to pay for them yourself, it seems as if this 5 year old one is still good enough. Oh well, I should still have one of these somewhere in a drawer, I’m going to have it equipped with our newest gadgetry…”


Bond strikes me as an awful flatmate


Especially when you live with cats…


M knew better in Skyfall: “You’re bloody well not sleeping here.”



Deleted scene: Bond blows up Q‘s coffeemaker.

I’m tempted to test that theory right now…

“I just wanted you to bring it back in one piece…”

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I’m not sure Q ever had much of a choice…