Cannes Film Festival Carlton Intercontinental Hotel Bond Promoting

Hey guys,

Wonder if anyone could help?

I am writing a book which am hoping will be ready for Xmas. Forgiving the blatant self promoting and money grabbling antics for one moment, I am trying to find out from which Bond film in the series to which film advertised on the front of the above hotel.

I would also be needing access to rights free images.

Currently, my belief is from Spy to perhaps Quantum of Solace. I am newly aware Skyfall had a full event hosted at the Palais, I’ve no idea for SPECTRE, and when in Cannes last year, there was no sign at all of No Time to Die promoting.

If anyone here could weigh in with provable answers and, if not, to put me in the direction of someone who may know, that would be very much appreciated.

I have by way of example, tried calling the Carlton itself but, even if closed to the end of year, it is said the phones are manned between 9.30 and 1pm. They are not. I have also sent an email to someone in marketing there. As yet, no response.

Many thanks in advance.


Did a bit of quick research (a Google image search), the earliest I could find was indeed TSWLM.

Could be a good idea to contact the Club James Bond France. Find them at
They should know about these things (and might even be able to provide rights free images).

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Ah yes! Very good idea.

Email sent.

Thank you.

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Best of luck with your book! :+1:

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