Cary Joji Fukunaga - good choice?

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  • Will wait and see

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Fukunaga is a good choice simply for the willingness to experiment, and demonstrate Mendes was not a one off in allowing directors to flex their directorial muscles. It demonstrates that BB means what she says in making Bond a director driven venture, rather than then producer led one it was under her father. It stops the series becoming stagnant and potentially invites creataivity to the series for years to come which I welcome, as it means, even if I hate a film, something new is round the corner.

And yes, that is just copy and pasted from the Boyle thread as my reasoning still stands.

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Did she really say that?

Years ago. When she hired Tamahori…take that as you will. :ocean:


He’s a pleasantly surprising choice, but I find it hard to be either sceptical of or enthusiastic for him. Making a Bond movie is a different ball game to indie thrillers and TV miniseries. I’ll sit back and enjoy the ride instead of prophesying. For every Martin Campbell, there’s a Lee Tamahori…

Funny you should mention MC, Fukunaga’s CV (indies and tv series) is probably closer to Campbell’s CV when he did Goldneye than it is any other Bond directors.

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That’s encouraging!