Casino royale 1954

Just a thought, does anyone think that there is significant interest in the 1954 television adaption of CR, to be recolourised, like they have done to THE MUNSTERS and ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE? Okay, i know those two were originally in black and white. But CR was originally in colour. Several colour episodes of Doctor who that were missing have had there black and white existing copies re colourised…

I love black&white and HATE any colourisation.


I hate the munsters in colour, it should stay in black and white, as it was originally filmed.

I prefer the atmospheric, gritty season one of lost in space in black and white, pure Sci fi. The gaudy, tacky colour season 2 with its camp and over the top stories to go with it is nowhere near as good

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CR can stay B&W, but would Sony kindly re-release it with the original ending intact? It’s such a pain having to go to YouTube for it. (FWIW, Peter Lorre does not walk off set after he’s shot dead.)


Colourisation? No. Remastering to FHD resolution? Yes, please!
And by the way, where can one watch it legally?

…but it’s there.