Casino Royale vinyl version

Maybe this is well known, but I didn’t know there was an official vinyl version on the market of the Casino Royale David Arnold soundtrack, untill a couple of weeks ago, when I saw it on the Dutch Amazon and ordered one copy.
It looks corgeous, has coloured vinyl and a poster inside.

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Interesting, thanks for the heads up. Rather new, release date is July 30th 2020, limited to 2,000 copies.

I’ve got the 2018 Skyfall re-release from that edition (which is limited to 1,500 copies), nice to have. Guess that we’ll sooner or later get a QoS vinyl as well, since it’s now the only Craig Bond without an LP release (but it had a 7" single).

I wonder if we ever get something from the Brosnan era on vinyl, as there isn’t very much around as of now. I’ve only got a GE Maxi single that contains three different mixes, and a DAD Special edition DJ sampler, but apart from that, there isn’t very much. No LPs, no singles. But what’s funny is the fact that all the Brosnan soundtracks were released on cassette (only recently bought an as-new GE tape), a medium that is now almost as dead as a doornail, whereas vinyl now sells better than CDs.

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I’ve got the Skyfall version too, it’s a little different than the original vinyl version.

The Brosnan movies were in the time it was all and only cd’s. I always looked and asked for the vinyl versions, but they were never released. I remember with The Living Daylights the vinyl version was there first and than the cd version was released, but with Licence to Kill it was already the opposite: the cd version was a couple of weeks earlier available than the vinyl version. I realy had to ask for it at my local recordstore.

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I love the fact that it is a gatefold (the original Skyfall LP isn’t). A double LP should always be a gatefold. And while the colored vinyl may be some nice eye-candy, I’ve always been a fan of the classic black. Also, the colored vinyl wears off quicker.

I think that LTK is the Bond soundtrack which has the most release formats: CD, Mini-CD single (but no regular size CD single) LP, Maxi-Singles, 7" singles, MC and even the rare MC single format.


And don’t forget: LtK had even two different album covers.

Different album covers were not that rare back in the day. For LTK it were the usual US vs UK/Europe versions. Nowadays, most records look the same, world wide.

Been doing some research as I finally got my own Discogs account to be able to keep track of my collection. Found out that in fact, both TND and TWINE had vinyl releases: both title songs were available as “Jukebox only - Not for sale” versions, i.e. just the single with a blank white sleeve.


Here is hoping that QOS gets the deluxe vinyl treatment that CR did!

If you support the idea, write the the “At The Movies” label asking that they consider a QOS vinyl edition in the spirit of their CR release. You can send them a note here: