Casting call: james bond audio drama

Hey folks!

Used to be a member along time ago! I did an audio drama adaptation of Casino Royale back in my younger days…about 12-ish years ago or so - with not much experience. It wasn’t particularly great. While my love for Bond continued, the love of creating audio dramas did not continue. :smile:

Over the quarantine this year, it gave me time to go back and do a director’s cut of Royale and correct (where possible) some of the mistakes I made (I was really bored!). After that, I got the bug and wanted to do another one!

if you are interested in trying out for a role in an upcoming, original half hour Bond audio drama, please follow the link below and submit your recordings by August 31! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

The script is completed but under going some revisions. Casting anticipated to be completed by September with production beginning around that time.

Audition details and lines can be found below:

Thanks folks! Stay safe!