Casting the Continuation Novels

Lana Turner is always a good choice!



Austria Climber 1 – Karl Michael Vogler
Austria Climber 2 – Sylva Koscina
Luna – Leslie Uggams
Foo Brother 1 – Jack Soo
Foo Brother 2 – James Shigeta
Dexter Smythe – Rex Harrison


Kenneth Snowman – Cary Grant
MI6 Communication Section Assistant 1 – Vanessa Redgrave
MI6 Communication Section Assistant 2 – Joanna Pettet
Maria Freudenstein – Patsy Rowlands
Piotr Malinowski – John Colicos

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Paul Sender – Roddy McDowall
Trigger’s Orchestra Pal 1 – Ingrid Pitt
Trigger’s Orchestra Pal 2 – Barbara Bouchet
Trigger – Elke Sommer
Trigger’s Spotter 1 – Peter van Eyck
Trigger’s Spotter 2 – Jeremy Kemp

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007 IN NEW YORK (1966)

Bond’s Driver – Richard Jaeckel
Solange – Gina Lollobrigida
Soviet Agent – Laurence Harvey
Soviet Agent’s Boss – Nigel Green

Ok, here you go, my James Bond 007 choices for the novels, short stories, and biographical tales:

1953-1958 (Casino Royale through Dr. No) – ERROL FLYNN
Six stories in six years.

1959-1961 (Goldfinger through Thunderball) – CARY GRANT
Seven stories in three years.

1962-1968 (The Spy Who Loved Me through Colonel Sun) – RICHARD JOHNSON
10 stories in seven years (includes Per Fine Ounce).

1973-1979 (James Bond: The Authorized Biography Of 007 through James Bond And Moonraker) – ROD TAYLOR
Seven stories in seven years (includes the five biographical tales I titled To Catch A Cheat, The First Kill, Hard Feelings, The Goodess Kull, and The List as well as the two Christopher Wood novelizations).

1981-1988 (License Renewed through Scorpius) – IAN OGILVY
Seven stories in eight years.

1989-1996 (Licence To Kill through Cold Fall) – SAM NEILL
Nine stories in eight years.

1997-2003 (Zero Minus Ten through The Heart Of Erzulie) – JASON ISAACS
13 stories in seven years (includes all the Raymond Benson short stories as well as the aforementioned THOE).

2005-2011 (SilverFin through Carte Blanche) – HUGH JACKMAN
13 stories in seven years (includes both Samantha Weinberg short stories as well as Charlie Higson’s short story).

2013-current (Solo through now) – HENRY CAVILL
Nine stories in 12 years so far.


Since I used some of my James Bond actors in other roles on some of my previous posts, here’s who I would have scheduled in their place:

Kenneth Snowman (Cary Grant) would be replaced by Paul Scofield

Maddox (Richard Johnson) would be replaced by Dirk Bogarde

Richard Duggan (Rod Taylor) would be replaced by James Fox

Alec Trevelyan (Sam Neill) would be replaced by Liam Neeson

And I had Jason Isaacs cast as Peredur Glyn in Doubleshot, but that character has had plastic surgery to look like Bond so I don’t have to recast him.


Thanks! These are all fun and feature many actors I’ve always thought could have pulled off the assignment.


Alternate Universe Continuation Novels from the current Bond authors:

Raymond Benson’s Metal Gear Solid (with Snake replaced by James Bond) 1998

James Bond: Clive Owen
Liquid Snake: Patrick Swayze
Meryl Silverburgh: Cate Blanchett
Otacon: Jason Isaacs
Psycho Mantis: Kevin McKidd
Revolver Ocelot: Ed Harris
Grey Fox: Jude Law
M (in place of Col. Campbell): Robert Brown
Mei Ling: Rachel Grant
Naomi Hunter: Rachel Weisz
Sniper Wolf: Bridgette Wilson
Vulcan Raven: Dwayne Johnson
Decoy Octopus: Benjamin Bratt
Kenneth Baker: Ray Winstone
Natasha Romanenko: Claire Forlani
Jim Houseman: William H. Macy


Continuing with the Alternate Universe run

Raymond Benson’s Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (2001)

*retitled as just Sons of Liberty to reflect James Bond naming conventions

James Bond: Clive Owen
Raiden: Iaon Gruffudd
Solidus Snake: Tim Roth
Rosemary: Rose McGowan
Olga Gurlukovich: Saffron Burrows
Emma Emmerich: Emily Mortimer
Otacon: Jason Isaacs
Fortune: Rosario Dawson
Vamp: Jared Leto
Fatman: Mark Addy
President Johnson: Jim Broadbent
Stillman: Dennis Haysbert
Col. Gurlukovich: Brendan Gleeson
Captain Dolph: Colin Salmon
Richard Ames: Bill Pullman
Revolver Ocelot: Ed Harris


(Metal Gear Solid 3) Snake Eater (2004) updated to take place after Sons of Liberty (even though Benson didn’t write it)

James Bond: Clive Owen
Eva: Sienna Miller
The Boss: Linda Hamilton
Volgin: Gary Oldman
Revolver Ocelot: Ed Harris
Major ZERO as new M: Brian Cox
Para-Medic: Kelly Brook
Sigint: Idris Elba
Sokolov: Colm Feore
The Fury: Linus Roache
The Sorrow: Stephen Dillane
The Fear: Rhys Ifans
The Pain: Christopher Eccleston
The End: Alec McCowen
President of the United States (in place of President Johnson): Rutger Hauer
Russian President (in place of Khrushchev):



As I stated a few weeks ago, I’ve started doing a more comprehensive recasting of the novels, and I’m currently midway through John Gardner’s run.

In doing so, I am NOT casting anyone who acted in any EON or Never Say Never Again films with ONE exception–if the actors only had a cameo in those films then they are eligible for my casting. Also eligible is anyone from the 1967 Casino Royale spoof.

One other note is that in the tradition of EON recasting the Ernst Stavro Blofeld and Felix Leiter characters with new actors virtually every single time, I have recasted all recurring characters in subsequent stories EXCEPT for those in James Bond’s inner circle during each particular 007’s tenure.

Also, in regards to Leiter, I tried to pick “cool” actors, so I sometimes used movie stars before they became huge (and unrealistic to be cast in the role).

Oh, and I will also be using Jane as Moneypenny’s first name which came from Samantha Weinberg and Godfrey as Maj. Boothroyd’s first name which also came from Weinberg (though I wished she would have made it Geoffrey like the man who the character was named after. But since Ian Fleming didn’t give him a first name, Godfrey it is.)

So, having said that, here is my comprehensive recasting of the first Bond novel. If people want me to continue showing the rest of the series let me know in words or likes. Thanks.



James Bond 007 – Errol Flynn
René Mathis – Yves Montand
Vesper Lynd – Hedy Lamarr
Basil – Peter Cushing
The Corsican – Peter Lorre
Le Chiffre aka The Number – Edward G. Robinson
Nurse Gibson – Hazel Court
Bulgar Assassin 1 – Henry Brandon
Bulgar Assassin 2 – Akim Tamiroff
Bulgar Assassin 3 – Thomas Gomez
Head Of S – Tom Conway
Mr. Muntz – Hugh Griffith
Mrs. Muntz – Elisabeth Flickenschildt
Adolph Gettler – Paul Andor
Oborin – Hans Christian Blech
Mrs. Versoix – Simone Renant
French Doctor – Raymond Pellegrin
Mr. Versoix – René Blancard
Fawcett – Emmett Smith
Clements aka The Broker – Sebastian Cabot
Junius DuPont – David Wayne
Ethel DuPont – Barbara Billingsley
Greek Gambler – Saro Urzì
Casino Royale Baccarat Croupier – Maurice Biraud
Duclos – Frédéric Duvallès
Casino Royale Baccarat Huissier – Renaud Mary
Roger Troop – David Tomlinson
Felix Leiter – Paul Newman
Jane Moneypenny – Maxine Audley
Godfrey Boothroyd aka Q – Michael Gough
Bill Tanner – Conrad Phillips
Miles Messervy aka M – Basil Rathbone


Continuing with re-imagining the Metal Gear Solid series as James Bond films

Guns of the Patriots (MGS4) (2008)

James Bond: Clive Owen
Liquid Ocelot: Ed Harris
Meryl Silverburgh: Cate Blanchett
Eva: Sienna Miller
Otacon: Jason Isaacs
Raiden: Iaon Gruffudd
Mei Ling: Rachel Grant
Naomi Hunter: Rachel Weisz
Rosemary: Rose McGowan
Big Boss: Sean Connery
Vamp: Jared Leto
Drebin: Derek Luke
Laughing Octopus: Carey Mulligan
Crying Wolf: Zoe Saldana
Raging Raven: Maggie Q
Screaming Mantis: Alice Eve
Johnny Sasaki: Leonardo Nam
M (in place of Col. Campbell): Brian Cox

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James Bond 007 – Errol Flynn
John Strangways – Peter Lawford
Simone Latrelle aka Solitaire – Audrey Hepburn
The Robber – Woody Strode
Buonaparte Ignace Gallia aka Mr. Big – Roy Glenn
Dexter – Van Heflin
G-G Sumatra – Dorothy Dandridge
Tee-Hee Johnson – Dots Johnson
Samuel D. Baldwin – Willie Best
Mound Park Hospital Nurse – Anne Francis
Sam Miami – Bernie Hamilton
Trippe – Martin Milner
Blabbermouth Foley – James Edwards
The Flannel – Davis Roberts
Damon – William Hopper
McThing – William Marshall
Halloran – Robert Webber
The Whisper – Joe Adams
Binswanger – Barton MacLane
The Boneyard Master Of Ceremonies – Frederick O’Neal
St. Petersburg Police Surgeon – Dennis Patrick
Poxy – Smoki Whitfield
Fatso – Dudley Dickerson
Butch – Sammy Davis Jr.
The Lifer – Napoleon Whiting
Gallia’s Prisoner Cave Guard 1 – Don Blackman
Gallia’s Prisoner Cave Guard 2 – Wesley Gale
Mrs. Stuyvesant – Ethel Barrymore
Quarrel – Edric Connor
Felix Leiter – Van Johnson
Jane Moneypenny – Maxine Audley
Bill Tanner – Conrad Phillips
Miles Messervy aka M – Basil Rathbone

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