Christopher McQuarrie Signs On for 2 New Back-to-Back Mission Impossible Films



Very pleased to have this confirmed, because she’s one of the best components of the recent MI films.


Yup, splendid.

I wonder what comes first, the story or the characters? Either way it appears Mr McQuarrie is forging ahead.


Story. Then swear loudly when that actor isn’t available - as has been the story of Mission Impossible movies bts


Hast it? Must admit, am not aware.

The only story am aware of is Renner’s unavailability for the last one because of some Marvel (?) filming which, ultimately, he was cut out of.

Which must have been a wrench…!


It’s simple things like originally his wife in mi3 was Newton’s character from 2 very early (like pre JJ early) on in pre-production, but Newton’s unavailability led to them going in totally different direct, Maggie Q was meant to be the agent with Bengie in 4, the Jane Carter was meant to recur into Rogue Nation and finally, Avengers 3&4 was filmed at the same time as Fallout, but because McQuarrie couldn’t give precise filming dates due to rewrites, Renner couldn’t comit. I think they never wanted “a Hunt girl” in regards to female leads, which probably made the consistent unavailability of lead actresses infuriating…and I do note Ferguson was the first actor signed for Fallout and now these 2…


Interesting. Thanks for that.