Mission: Impossible 7 & 8 (2023/2024)


Totally fine with this. Can’t wait.

Now this is great news indeed! :smiley: I admit that “Fallout” is NOT my favorite (I thought Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation were better) but I too welcome McQuarrie back and to have MI:7 and 8 back to back makes me excited. So we’ll have Bond in 2020, and Ethan Hunt in 2021 and 2022. :sunglasses: I wonder if it will be one story in 2 parts or 2 separate stories? :thinking:

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Fantastic news.


This is great to hear. I was hoping he’d come back for one more but two is even better. More than likely they realize Cruise isn’t getting any younger best to squeeze out a couple of more sequels while they can. Also Paramount desperately needs a steady and successful franchise. McQuarrie is walking around with a King’s ransom I would imagine.

It’s a shame EON didn’t snagged McQuarrie for Bond but it’s great he’s really helped rehabilitate a franchise I had little interest in.

This will fill in the gap between Daniel Craig and Bond #7 quite nicely.


I feel like Rogue Nation and Fallout made up a 2 part film.

This was mentioned on the Bond 25 thread. I made a case in respect of timings of each series of films that would allow McQuarrie to be a part of Bond 26. McQuarrie will have filmed the MI films and be done by 2022.

If Bond 26 were to be released four years after 25, i.e. in 2024, then this would clearly allow participation.

Mathematical logistics notwithstanding, I daresay it wouldn’t happen.

I’m really hoping for a shorter than 4 year gap after Bond 25. The Craig era has been terrible for production. Strange as he has the 5 highest grossing films in the franchise.

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Did you adjust the films’ budgets for inflation? Or how many cinemas the films where shown at? Or the price of tickets in relation to average incomes? Or the amount spent on marketing? Or it’s competitors? Or… we’ll be here for hours. Point is; film success is impossible to grade in that way, that “OMG BOX OFFICE RECORDS BROKEN IN 3 MINUTES!!!” Is nothing more than marketing tool, and is useless for anything else…

I wonder if Cruise and McQuarrie sat down and orchestrated a 1-2 punch for the series to come to an end - at least the Ethan Hunt led series? Although I guess Cruise can pull a Liam Neeson and still be an action star into his 60’s.

They may have, but I suspect the 2 film idea was mostly to combat IMF’s main adversary - actor availability. Not a single film has gone by without re-writes being needed to compensate for an actor not being available.

While I will miss the different-director-every-film aspect that all of the films before Fallout had, I do appreciate that starting in Ghost Protocol (which was also when McQuarrie’s became involved with the series) there was much more continuity between films, and ongoing plots. Plus, Rogue Nation and Fallout are very different films and I have no doubt that the next two will still feel different while still being Mission: Impossible.


Chiming in, Or the fact films were re-released as double features then, Or that we have DVDs now, Or that there are many other revenue streams available to sell a film through vs the One they had back in the 60s. Or that there are other things now competing for entertainment value such as gaming, drugs and kicking in bus shelters…

Adjusted earnings are utterly pointless as the comparative environments are so totally different.

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No clue how this would work outside of a flashback…



It’s from The Hollywood Reporter originally.

Oops, sorry and thank you.

Well, a prequel in two parts then? Not my first choice. But I trust McQuarrie to have a great idea for that, too.

Just throws a monkey wrench into my hopes for Cavill to take over from Craig.

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That was my hope as well, especially given that I was genuinely liking Cavill’s character and could see where they easily could have used him being a traitor as a red herring and allowed them to team up in the end against Solomon Lane.