Covers of the 007 Theme?

Hi guys, I’m looking for covers of John Berry’s 007 theme (the adventure theme that he used in from russia with love, thunderball, you only live twice, diamonds are forever, and moonraker. it’s very hard to search for covers of this song because there are a million covers of the Bond theme that people call 007 theme.

In particular I’m hoping to find a version that is slow and beautiful

I don’t know if such a version exists, I’m just trying to find something like that for a project i’m working on.

Any help would be appreciated!

I found this one but it’s still pretty fast and not what i’m looking for:

How about this one?


great find! though not what i’m looking for, I’m hoping to find one that feels like you’re flying. but I encourage anyone to keep posting any interesting covers of the song here so people can find them more easily!

Franck Pourcell’s album James Bond’s Greatest Hits (1973) has a gentler, more lyrical rendition. Sorry I don’t know how to post links to any recordings, but it is on YouTube.

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