Craig and Mikkelsen Reminisce About Casino Royale


Hilarious, thanks for sharing this great catch!

‘Who do you f%#?’*

Guys having fun, priceless.

Really enjoyed this. Thanks for posting.

The torture scene is perhaps the best piece of drama in the series. If Craig was nervous during the shooting of that sequence it proved to be an asset, as the situation itself (naked and tied to a chair in front of a desperate villain) is as dire as it gets.

Variety have posted the conversation on YouTube


That was really great to watch. Where did the time go?

I can’t believe it either, Matt. It doesn’t seem real.

And you’re both not even in the ‘1990 was ten years ago’ camp…

Wait! 1980 was 10 years ago , it was 1990 like 5 years ago or something…