Dalton’s Third outing

I just came across this bit of information.

Would anyone over here have that poster ?

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if only, if only…


I dream about it all the time…


Oef…! Such a pitty this never happened…


I learned to embrace what we have rather than miss what never happened. It was a looong six years …


I’ll be redundant since this is my favorite subject.
An actor’s third outing as 007 is normally his best.
Sir Sean/GOLDFINGER- The blueprint for the franchise.
Sir Roger/SWLM- Proved he could kill,maintain the twinkle in his eye & remember the look on 007’s face when Anya mentions Tracy. He also stated in interviews that it was his favorite film.
PB/TWINE-“I never miss.” BANG!
DC/SKYFALL “A waste of good scotch” and wipes them all out.
If Dalton had done a third It would be on this list.
DC owes a lot to him. Come back as 002? Sir Sean as 001?

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A third Dalton would have been awesome. I read The Property of a Lady script. But it didn’t happen. And it’s been 30 years. All we got for James Bond’s 30th anniversary was a 2CD soundtrack best of compilation.

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I had that soundtrack!

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That cd was excellent with stuff we didn’t have before.

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I had the cassette first. It wasn’t until the mid-90s that I became advanced and got a CD player, and that was the first CD I bought. And yes, the additional music was a nice treat.

As already said above, I so regret it was never done. It would have been awesome, TD being excellent. A missed opportunity, really.


But do you think they could have corrected the cheap TV movie look and the uneven script LTK had? LTK wasn´t much of a BO smash hit. I
don´t think they would have upped the budget for Dalton as they did for the reboot that was GE…


As has been said here before, making GE with TD would have been mind-blowing. It would have linked the absence of Bond films for several years to the absence of Bond himself, James being captured and freed and then assessed to see if he was still fit for service (the glimpse of which is shown with the “evaluation” at the beginning of GE), and then embarking on that mission. I love GE, but I trully think that a “Dalton’s GE” would have been absolutely superb.

That being said, it’s possible indeed that they wouldn’t have put the same efforts and budget for a 3rd Dalton than what they did for rebooting the franchise. So it’s all wishfull thinking on our part, really. Still, one can drean, eh?!

Man, you’ve given me even more reason to watch a Dalton Bond tonight… :wink:


Dalton would’ve been great in GE (as was Brossa).

I think much rests on whether they kept the team that had written, directed and shot so many of the Previous instalments, or made the change to Campbell et al.

With that change TDs GE would’ve been just as great as Brossa’s with Campbell perhaps finding that grittiness he found with Craig.

Without that change I think DTs GE would’ve suffered further diminishing returns (though the inevitable PG rating would’ve faired better than LTKs 15).

Does anyone know if DTs script had a new writer and if Campbell was directing?

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DTs? Delirium tremens? Oh, you mean TD’s. Sorry!

Yes, TD’s third Bond film would have had new writers and a new director. This is fairly common knowledge. John Glen and Richard Maibaum were publicly let go after LTK’s disappointing box office. It’s also no secret that John Glen and TD had a blow up during the making of LTK.

I’ve heard conflicting reports who was set to direct the first “Bond 17” script (by Alphonse Ruggiero). Roger Spottiswoode (TND) claims he was approached to direct it or one of the proposed Dalton B17 films.

A 1993 Variety article claims that the producers were in talks with Michael Caton-Jones to direct the original draft of the Michael France Goldeneye script.

Oddly, Caton-Jones interviewed John Glen for the DGA (Directors’ Guild of America) website. A two-and-a-half-hour interview!

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Relaunching with Brosnan was the right call IMO, but thematically the entire film would’ve been elevated with Dalton as you demonstrate above.

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Does anyone know what the blowup was about that took place between Timothy Dalton and John Glen?

probably Dalton´s hairstyle…