Danny Boyle - good choice?


This is my mood board for a Danny Boyle Bond movie… (Very boring train journey)
Irish sensibility , punk aesthetic, sense of macabre and a bit political


Or Scottish, perhaps?

Great work! It looks like a riot of fun :crazy_face:


DB from an Irish/English household . but let’s say Celtic


Had no idea - assumed Scottish! Thanks for the education :slight_smile:


I’ve seen four Danny Boyle films and had this reaction:

Shallow Grave: Enjoyed it somewhat as a kind of gory version of Hitchcock’s Rope.
A Life Less Ordinary: Awful film, a misconceived mess
127 Hours: Fascinating premise but too crazy with the camerawork.
Steve Jobs: Enjoyed it greatly, as much for Sorkin’s script, Fassbender and Winslet’s performances, and Boyle’s restrained direction.

I never saw Trainspotting (drug movies do not interest me, haven’t caught up with Slumdog Millionaire, nor have I ever been interested in his other work).


A shame, as they’re arguably his best movies.

TS has to be among the 100 best movies of the last century and Slumdog one the the highlights of this century (so far)


Just to temper expectations - I didn’t think Trainspotting was as good as Shallow Grave, however I may be the only person on the planet who liked A Life Less Ordinary so you might need to use that as a barometer for my tastes compared to yours.

Also Rope is a 1929 British play, which was what Hodge used as a starting point for Shallow Grave, so the similarities between Shallow Grave and Hitchcock (very loyal) adaptation of that play, are not exactly coincidental.


127 Hours is one of my favourite movies.


I can imagine it being a great movie, but darn it i’m whimping out at the prospect of enduring it.


I hate myself for adding a 1 month later tag to this thread, but, yes. After coming across Happy Hearts on my I-Tunes, which i have purely because of it brilliant use in Shallow Grave, Boyle is a good choice simply for the willingness to experiment, and demonstrate Mendes was not a one off in allowing directors to flex their directorial muscles. It demonstrates that BB means what she says in making Bond a director driven venture, rather than then producer led one it was under her father. It stops the series becoming stagnant and potentially invites creataivity to the series for years to come which I welcome, as it means, even if I hate a film, something new is round the corner.


Well, that aged well.