Danny Boyle - good choice?

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Good idea, Jim! Interesting to see how this poll pans out.

I think that although saying no to Boyle would seem to many like looking a gift horse in the mouth, it’s no small gamble to hand over the reigns to an auteur with real clout and respect in the business. It’ll be that much harder for Eon to impose their views should they differ from Boyle.

Of course Boyle seems to be a real gent with his heart firmly in the right place (in that his choices come from a desire to make the best movie, rather than to exercise his omnipotence). But whatever they all believe going in, opinions will inevitably differ at some point and I imagine that Boyle is a formidable mind to change.

So I see this as a brave choice by Eon and I applaud it. It shows they’re willing to take risks and indeed Produce (facilitate the needs of the talent), rather than micro-manage. You don’t hire Boyle if you intend to micro-manage.

So even if the risk doesn’t deliver, I prefer them trying to do the right thing, rather than the safe thing. And having said that, Boyle has never made a dull movie and I very much doubt Bond 25 will be his first.


It really comes down to how much of a risk or departure this brilliant idea they supposedly have for the script actually ends up being. Most likely, there’s nothing more to it than just the type of hyperbole we usually hear when announcements like these are made, and we’re really just in store for another run-of-the-mill, trust-issue filled Bond film where Bond and M must learn to trust each other all over again.

While I have no particularly strong presupposition either way, I certainly hope that it’s more than hyperbole. I have personally decided to choose optimism over cynicism about it.


That’s what Neville Chamberlain decided :slight_smile:

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I haven’t got very strong views on what kind of choice Boyle ultimately will turn out to be. Going by the mere facts he’s very able, a craftsman and an artisan in his profession with a number of modern cult classics in his CV. Academy Award, BAFTA, Golden Globe, Emmy - it’s not exactly a mystery why he’s Eon’s choice, also since he’s got a reputation for shooting on schedule and making it look impressive even on much leaner budgets than Bond will allow.

In a couple of years it might be Alex Garland at the helm of BOND 2X. Might have been even now, only Boyle brings the prestige and that certain award appeal Eon is looking for. And, supposedly, that idea that convinced Eon to give up on their previous script efforts. We’ll see what we’ll see. I’m hoping for the best.


I’m a big fan of his 2 movies (as I was of his novel the beach). But they’re very tight, focused films. He’ll need to prove he can handle a bigger canvas before he’ll get the Bond gig.

But I sincerely hope that happens - he’s a genuine talent - an eye for the visceral as well an interlect capable more than just scratching the surface of big ideas.

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I want to say yes, because Boyle is a good director and I’ve almost loved every film he’s done. Yet…I don’t want him directing Bond like Rian Johnson did for The’ Last Jedi. I don’t want political correctness infesting into the world of James Bond and the reason why I’m nervous was because of Boyle allegedly saying so…or if it was a rumour then I’ll be happily mistaken.

In the end I’ll just wait and see, but I’m cautious.

A recent interview with Karl Urban says that Garland technically directed Dredd.

In which case I’m all for for him directing Bond.

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Dread was fantastic: Die Hard meets The Raid.

Still, though, it’s not a big canvas - another confined-space action thriller, rather than the spiralling nature of a Bond travelogue.

But is a massive boost for Garland’s chances of doing Bond should he ever wish too.

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That doesn’t bother me. If anything, James Bond could be taught a thing or two about political correctness. Apparently unlike most, I actually much preferred The Last Jedi to The Force Awakens. At least, TLJ dared to be different and not a shameless remake playing to nostalgic fanboys.

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I’ve been very surprised how all the TLJ fans have called those who didn’t like it ‘fan boys’, as though it’s a perjorative term. It’s like a memo went round or something. If you liked The Last Jedi, surely you’re a fan boy too?

50’s hang over I think, the association that anyone with a liking for fiction over sport is George McFly. I’m one of those wierd freaks who liked both and don’t feel the need to angrily hate something (and write long winded posts why) so as to like something else.

It won’t be, but what if Boyle’s ‘exciting idea’ was bringing Vesper back from the dead - she was Bunt all along?

It would tie into Eon’s existing bad idea of retro-fitting Craig’s first 3 bond movies to be part of Blofeld’s big plan.

How she survived drowning (or god forbid she has a twin) stretches credulity beyond breaking, but, again they already did that with spectres above mentioned finale reveal.

I don’t want and don’t imagine this is boyles plan - just inspired to speculate wildly by the pic of Boyle and green

I think this wouldn’t solve the previous impasse, would just worsen it. If bringing back dead people it should be White, maybe by revealing the one who killed himself in front of Bond was a double set up for…reasons.

But overall I‘d prefer if they left that whole complex well alone. Digging deeper won’t reveal what’s simply not there, a well-thought solid story. If I were in Boyle’s place I‘d tackle BOND 25 as if it was entirely standing on its own, no thought for past or future.

Cr, and QOS do fit in without retcon, even at the time (10 years ago now) people on old CBN where discussing how Quantum is blatantly what you call Spectre when you don’t want sued. The “retcon” only comes in Silva being part of it, one not needed as Skyfalls ending reigniting CR and QOS plot thread was enough. My feeling is to let Boyle do what he wants, if he wants to connect it to the other 4, fine, if he doesn’t that’s fine too. It’s his film.

Side note - can we stop using the “great idea” quote, no one has actually ever said it, but I know it will be used in November 2019 for people’s “hot takes” on the film.

Every director who wants to do a film will have a certain vision of it - hopefully. I doubt BOND 25 will be measured on a fabricated sound bite, simply because the film itself will be discussed once it hit the screens. If it wasn’t made, for whatever reasons, then we’d no doubt keep coming back to this and speculate what it could/would/should have been that was possibly going through Boyle’s head, much like Tarantino’s vintage Casino Royale pitch keeps popping up.

“I’d rather slit my wrists”

My youngest son was just born when that was said. He’s now starting school. That quote still turns up.

This Boyle’s idea quote didn’t actually get said and has survived enough to be placed in many articles talking about Bond 25 for months now. I’m just asking that we don’t encourage erroneous quotes into becoming internet “facts”.

I agree completely. But in the spirit of high speculation my point was that the ret-con in spectre was so blatantly hacked on that they’re obviously open to this kind of attention seeking ‘stunt-writing’. They’d certainly get headlines for bringing back Green.

Btw, I put ‘exciting idea’ in inverted comments because I’m aware this isn’t a direct quote. Apols if that’s the wrong punctuation for the job.