Deathmatch 2022: Victims - Semi-Finals

Voting closes September 28.

  • Severine
  • Corrine Dufour

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  • Jill Masterson
  • Della Leiter

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And the choices get tougher. Anyway, here’s my vote:

Corinne Dufour over Severine – Both had connections to the bad guy, however, Corinne was a true innocent in that she was only a helicopter pilot and sometime guide for Drax while Severine was initially an ally of Silva. She may have been trapped, but she did take an active part in an assassination. She then tried to get out by helping Bond, but it was all for nought and she was beaten and killed. Corinne on the other hand, not only got fired for helping Bond, but she was virtually fed to his pet Dobermans. Ouch! Certainly the more gruesome death. Edge Corinne.

Della Churchill Leiter over Jill Masterson – As I have mentioned before, Della was simply hoping to enjoy her wedding and honeymoon. She was truly an innocent bystander, not involved at all in Felix’s and Bond’s earlier escapade with Sanchez, but yet she paid the steeper price. Jill, meanwhile, was helping Goldfinger cheat at cards before having a little fun with Bond. It wasn’t worth being killed for, but them’s the breaks when you get mixed up with a guy like Goldfinger. And since she was helping Goldfinger cheat, Della takes the cake–and the poll vote.

If I’m honest, this time I actually just chose the two people I like the most and especially the movie, which I like the best they were in.