Deathmatch 2023 - Final: Women

Voting closes 7 September

  • Pussy
  • Domino

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  • Tracy
  • Vesper

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A. Pussy Galore over Domino:

  • Both are in the grey areas (or morally conflicted characters), and both are interesting in different ways, only Domino makes it more into personal as there’s her revenge for her brother, so that makes her more deeply interesting more than Pussy Galore, she also killed the main villain in the end, but it’s only down to performance and the how wide their roles which makes me chose Pussy Galore over Domino.

  • Domino, again, was an interesting character, but I’ve felt that Claudine Auger’s acting was a bit lacking, understandable as she’s still not an experienced actress like Honor Blackman at the time, but what’s lessened it more was the fact that she’s dubbed.

  • And again, when it comes to their roles, Pussy Galore (although lately appeared in the film), but given a lot more to do, she played a bigger role than Domino, who again, as I’ve mentioned in the previous round, reminds me an earlier version of Lupe Lamora from Licence To Kill, she’s not given much to do.

B. Tracy Di Vicenzo over Vesper Lynd:

  • Again, like what I’ve said in this game many times, Tracy is just the best of all the Bond Girls based on her characteristics and her traits, what does she possess as a character, she’s almost an equivalent to James Bond himself, in short (going as far as saying this), she’s Bond’s female version, because all the traits that Bond has, was also Tracy has: she drives recklessly (almost like Bond himself), has a taste for fine luxuries, a gambler, can defend herself, resourceful, witty, and vulnerable, she’s a perfect match for Bond (she could even ride a horse, adventurous, she can go with Bond in the same wave, because she’s completely compatible with him in any ways).

  • But are those only that? No, she also had some unique trait that makes her standout among all Bond Girls: her sincerity and concern towards Bond (again, I liked how she insisted on Draco to find Bond, hence her reluctance of leaving Piz Gloria).

  • Her romance with Bond was also developed and fleshed out, we’ve seen them together many times in the film’s entirety, there’s even a montage! And we’ve seen how Bond earned Tracy’s trust, there’s an effort for Bond before he could get Tracy’s heart.

  • She’s also sexy, beautiful and dangerous.

  • And not just that, her death was remembered in different eras of Bond: the Moore Era, the Dalton Era, and to the lesser extent, the Brosnan Era.

  • Meanwhile, Vesper Lynd, I do understand her impact on Bond, she’s intelligent, but she’s also a traitor, she betrayed Bond (although no longer a unique case, as Elektra King already did that), but there are still some qualities in her, like the way she manipulated those people around her, especially Bond (both psychologically and emotionally), she had her own motivations, and how she planned the whole scheme.

  • Although I have my complaints regarding Vesper:

  • First of all was how rushed Bond’s romance with her (okay, like what I’ve said, maybe, Bond falling in love with her very fast was just a matter of naivety), because her relationship with Bond (as I’ve felt) was not that much fully developed, it’s like they’ve just met in a circle of weeks? And started falling in love for each other? Their romance only starts developing in the third act where it’s also the conclusion.

  • Second: Her betrayal actually wasn’t that surprising for me, mainly because it had a lot of signposting that I’ve smelled her betrayal miles away (I know she’s up to something that’s not good), because of the way she criticized Bond’s ways and how she’s abrasive towards Bond, and added to that was her thick makeup style along with her black dress which already signalling a femme fatale look (she looked like a villainess in her look), it even reminds me a bit of Xenia Onatopp.

  • Then third: yes, while her death had an impact on Bond, it only just happened in the Craig Era (a self contained era), and I’m not even sure if she would get a reference by the next era.

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Somehow I missed the final vote. My choices would have been:

Third Place: Pussy Galore over Domino Derval
Final: Vesper Lynd over Tracy di Vicenzo

Won’t have made a difference to final outcome nor form table ranking I think, but would have meant a draw for 3rd place - but I might work out later whether Domino would have won that anyway (probably would based on form and goal difference).

EDIT: Wouldn’t have changed Deathmatch outcome but would have had an effect on Form table. Every vote counts, my lovelies.