Deathmatch 2023 - Quarter-Finals: Women

Voting closes 5 September

  • Vesper
  • Tatiana

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  • Holly
  • Domino

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  • Anya
  • Pussy

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  • Honey
  • Tracy

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  1. Vesper Lynd over Tatiana Romanova:
  • This is getting hard isn’t it? But Vesper Lynd again made a big influence on Bond’s life (Craig’s Bond to be particular), while not entirely connected eras, Vesper Lynd is still one ahead, because of how intelligent she was to plan the whole scheme because she’s working with Quantum, and again, make Bond fall unto his knees by falling in love with her, and she’s also witty that somehow matched Bond’s.
  • Tatiana isn’t that far off in this head battle, she’s an interesting character whose morally conflict between working for her country and falling in love with Bond, but still committed to doing right things, but Vesper had more of a personal impact on Bond than Tatiana.
  • And Eva Green’s a better actress than Daniela Bianchi too, Daniela, again, had the disadvantage (like some of the Bond Girls in the series) of being dubbed too.
  1. Holly Goodhead over Domino:
  • While Domino is an interesting character, Holly Goodhead for me, again, is a Bond Girl might be ahead of her time, she’s very modern in that she’s tough, competent and almost Bond’s equal, she’s liberated in how she’s the one who’s seducing Bond to achieve her goals and keep her plans in place, she’s always ahead of Bond when it comes to investigating Drax’s schemes, she always challenging Bond throughout the film and almost got the best of Bond, by always upping him, she’s independent and had her own gadgets that saved Bond’s life (poisonous pen syringe).
  • Domino was still a pretty woman and killed the villain at the end (like Tatiana did), but that’s still not enough to put her quite ahead of the rest, she’s still not given anything much to do.
  • It also doesn’t helped that Claudine Auger was also dubbed.
  1. Pussy Galore over Anya Amasova:
  • Like what I’ve said in the past round, Pussy Galore is an interesting character to me because of how morally conflicted she was, but not just that, what makes her ahead of Anya was the fact that she proved to be more tougher and competent than Anya, she’s no damsel, she fulfilled her role very well and served her premise, unlike Anya, who had been given so much premise of being Bond’s equal, a well trained Military Trained KGB Agent, with a background of being heavily trained in Siberia, yet, none of these are evident in the actual film, it’s just very disappointing, because they’ve put so much into Anya’s character, yet the film couldn’t chew it and didn’t showed her potential, her full skills, she did nothing in the film, and always ended up being saved by Bond many times, she’s always being upstaged by Bond, it doesn’t helped that their supposed rivalry was died out once she had this jealousy against Naomie (Caroline Munro), just disappointing, so Pussy Galore in this regard is a far better character.
  • And again, Barbara Bach’s acting is something I just couldn’t stand at all, she’s wooden, monotone, obvious line readings, couldn’t convey expressions and reactions, limited facial expressions, and added to it was her silly (almost laughable) Russian Accent, Honor Blackman was miles more of a better actress than Bach.
  1. Tracy Di Vicenzo over Honey Ryder
  • One question, aside from being iconic, what does Honey Ryder do? Tracy was more of a developed character, we’ve got to know of Tracy more than we did from Honey.
    For me, Tracy is the best of all the Bond Girls, almost an equivalent to Bond himself, a reckless driver (just like Bond himself), a gambler, a woman with fine taste for luxury, resourceful, witty and could defend herself and fight a henchman, in all of aspects, she’s almost the female version of Bond himself, she’s also sexy, yet dangerous.
    Honey Ryder, whilst an iconic character, doesn’t do much, aside from threatening Bond with her knife, she did nothing compared to Tracy.
  • And again, Diana Rigg is one of the great actresses to be a Bond Girl, she’s I think was far better than Ursula Andress in terms of acting.

Holly vs Domino was oddly hard.

My picks were:

Tatiana Romanova over Vesper Lynd (Vesper is great, but I like Tatiana more.)
Domino Derval over Holly Goodhead
Anya Amasova over Pussy Galore (Pussy is great, but I like XXX better.)
Tracy di Vicenzo over Honey Ryder