Deathmatch 2023 - Second Round: Women

Voting closes 4 September

  • Vesper
  • Wai Lin

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  • Tatiana
  • Madeleine (No Time to Die)

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  • Holly
  • Tiffany

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  • Domino
  • Natalya

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  • Anya
  • Solitaire

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  • Pussy
  • Pam

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  • Honey
  • Skyfall M THE DENCH

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  • Tracy
  • Octopussy

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My picks are:

Vesper Lynd over Wai Lin
Tatiana Romanova over Madeleine Swann (NTTD)
Tiffany Case over Holly Goodhead
Natalya Simonova over Domino Derval
Anya Amasova over Simone “Solitaire” Latrelle
Pam Bouvier over Pussy Galore
Honey Ryder over Olivia “M” Mansfield
Tracy di Vicenzo over Octopussy Smythe

  1. Vesper Lynd over Wai Lin (A hard choice for me, but what makes Vesper Lynd won over Wai Lin was she became an important aspect in Bond’s life, she’s the one who made Bond show his soft side, and the one that brokes his heart, while not as strong as Wai Lin (well, I don’t expect Vesper to be a fighter either, because her character was not really that), but the fact that she’s intelligent to managed a whole scheme that would make Bond fall unto his knees was really great, if there any issues I have with Vesper is the rushed romance.
    I also liked Wai Lin, she’s the toughest agent that Bond had worked with after Holly Goodhead, I liked how she challenged Bond in every way, making her as Bond’s female agent equivalent, but Vesper’s influence on Bond is really strong).

  2. Tatiana Romanova over Madeleine Swann (Tatiana as a character has more warmth to her and also had great chemistry with Bond too, their connection was more believable and convincing,while Lea Seydoux is a better actress than Daniela Bianchi, the character of Tatiana is easily more likeable and better than Madeleine).

  3. Holly Goodhead over Tiffany Case (Holly Goodhead was more competent and tough than Tiffany Case who became an airhead character in the third act, sure, I liked how sassy she was, but she also did nothing in the film more like an eye candy. Holly Goodhead is a better character, I liked how she’s always ahead of Bond when it comes to investigating Drax’s schemes, how liberated she was because she’s the one whose seducing Bond to keep her plans in place, and she challenged Bond everytime, she upped Bond always that even her Gadget saved Bond’s life (that poisonous pen syringe).

  4. Natalya Simonova over Domino (While I liked both, Natalya Simonova has her character more fleshed out and fully developed, and her connections with Bond are more deeper and has more depth).

  5. Solitaire over Anya Amasova (Solitaire wins this for me, because aside from beauty, I don’t expect much from Solitaire, really, her premise was what turned out in the film, meanwhile, Anya Amasova, a character with a heavy premise that makes me expect much on her turned out to be disappointing because what I’ve seen in the film fell short of my expectations, the concept of the Anya character to be Bond’s equal, a well trained Russian Military Officer/Agent, so, I’ve expected her to be some sort of Russian Wai Lin, but the film never gave her that, instead, she’s mostly a damsel in distress all along, she said she had this training in Siberia, but the film never showed it, her skills wasn’t fully explored for me to buy the whole concept, she’s a character that’s been given too much of a background that even the film itself couldn’t chew, at least with Solitaire, there’s nothing much to expect.
    And Jane Seymour is a miles better of an actress than Bach, Bach’s acting is so very wooden that her line readings and her actions are monotone and dull, her silly fake Russian accent makes things a lot more worse, and no facial expressions or whatsoever, she couldn’t convey any emotion).

  6. Pam Bouvier over Pussy Galore (I liked both of these women, but Pam Bouvier was more complex as a character, aside from being tough, she formed a deep relationship with Bond whilst helping him, I also liked Pussy Galore, she’s an interesting character when it comes to being conflicted about morality, but I’ve felt that she’s lacking a bit in complexity and didn’t showed much of her personality).

  7. Skyfall M Dench over Honey Ryder (this one’s harder for me, but while Honey Ryder is an iconic character, Skyfall M Dench did a lot more than just being a woman in the James Bond Franchise, though I’m not sure if one could count her as a Bond Girl when there’s Severine, but as it is, she’s more important in Bond’s life as an MI6 agent, she became his mother, Dench M transcended the role of femininity in the Franchise, Honey Ryder is iconic but not as the most essential as Dench M in Skyfall does).

  8. Tracy Di Vicenzo over Octopussy (Another hard game for me because I liked both of these two, but Tracy is the one, like what I’ve said in the other round, she’s Bond’s match, his female equal in every ways: she drives like Bond himself, also a gambler, a skier, adventurous, brave and fierce, have an interest for fine things, an underdog, a woman who’s game in every danger (just like Bond himself), she’s living her life in the fast lane just like Bond too, and she’s dangerous when she needs to be, also resourceful and witty, her trait was almost the same trait as Bond himself, both are cut from the same cloth.
    I also liked Octopussy, she’s matured and had a good chemistry with Bond, but everything that Octopussy has is where Tracy also have and dialed up more to 11 which makes her the Best Bond Girl of them all).