Deathmatch 2023 - Semi-Finals: Women

Voting closes 6 September

  • Vesper
  • Domino

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  • Pussy
  • Tracy

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My rankings in this round:

  1. Tracy Di Vicenzo over Pussy Galore
  • Tracy is just Bond’s match all around, the best of them all, and I’m going far as to say, she’s Bond’s female equivalent, almost all of the main traits of Bond were also in her: she drives recklessly (just like Bond himself), she gambles, have a taste for fine luxuries, vulnerable, resourceful, witty and can defend herself (she knows how to fight, capable), and not just that, she’s probably a rare case in which she’s sincere towards Bond, she had concern for Bond (I liked how she was insistent on finding Bond as she’s reluctant to leave Piz Gloria), she’s the best all around, she has it all, she’s also sexy, beautiful and matured, and her impact affected three Bond actor’s era: Moore Era, Dalton Era, and probably Brosnan’s Era.

  • Meanwhile, Pussy Galore, sure, she’s interesting in terms of moral conflict and I liked how capable she was, but she’s not as highly developed character as Tracy, she’s not as fully fleshed out as Tracy was, neither an interesting character, but she’s still fun nonetheless.

  1. Vesper Lynd over Domino
  • Vesper is a great Bond Girl, she had an impact on Bond’s life, though her impact only surrounded in the Craig Era (not to the other eras), but she’s also intelligent, this time, it’s a rare case of betrayal (though Elektra comes close), in that she’s good outside, but a femme fatale inside, I liked how she planned the scheme all along as she’s working for Quantum, she had her own motivation, and manipulated those people around her (both psychologically and emotionally), especially Bond himself, so she’s interesting in that regard, my only complaints regarding Vesper was the rushed romance between her and Bond (maybe it has something to do with Bond’s naivety, that Bond fell in love with her sudden and quick), And too many signposting of her being a traitor (like the way she acted towards Bond, a bit abrasive of criticizing Bond’s ways, and her thick makeup style with that black dress which signalling like those of femme fatales)

  • Domino, on the other hand is probably the lesser in this round, granted, she’s beautiful, she killed Largo (the main villain in the film), and was also a bit interesting when it comes to her motivation regarding the revenge for her brother, but compared to others, she still fell short, as she’s still not given that much to do, I see her more as the early version of Lupe Lamora from LTK, very much limited role, and also compared to other Bond Girl actresses in this round, she also had the lesser acting, all of the Bond Girl actresses in this round were all experienced actresses (Diana Rigg, Eva Green and Honor Blackman), except Claudine Auger, all those three for me are far better actresses than her, also doesn’t helped that she’s also a bit dubbed which lessens her performance.

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Emma Peel vs. Cathy Gale. What is a gay boy to do?


Now that’s the caption for a work of fan art if I’ve ever heard one.


4 great semifinalists but my picks are:

Domino Derval over Vesper Lynd
Pussy Galore over Tracy di Vicenzo

A couple of surprise underdog picks obviously, but I prefer the characters/actresses to the two fan favorites. Vesper and Tracy ARE great–and are in my top 10 Bond girls–but I just prefer the other two.