Deathmatch 2023 - Sudden Deaths (3)

30 June

James Bond has retired!
James Bond has a daughter!
There’s more than one 007!
M behaves most oddly!
Lots of it is nonsensical!
A Bond woman from an earlier film returns!
There are massively distracting performances from British television comedy actors!
Oscar winners/nominees humiliate themselves!
The villain has a targeted bioweapon!
There’s a bit with some sheep!
Tonally, it’s all over the place!
Bond has only one working knee!
A bit of a John Barry score from another film is referenced!
James Bond dies!

It’s 1967’s Casino Royale! It’s 2019’s / 2020’s / 2021’s No Time to Die! It’s the same film!

End of the month, so a disjointed farce might as well have a go. “As well as 1967’s Casino Royale” you say? Oh, you icon. How splendid. I am thrilled by your acumen.

Villain - Safin v Dr Noah
  • Casino Royale 1967
  • No Time to Die

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  • Casino Royale 1967
  • No Time to Die

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  • The Look of Love
  • No Time to Die

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  • Niven - Casino Royale
  • Craig - No Time to Die

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Woman - Vesper Lynd (Andress) v Thingy Whatsit
  • Casino Royale 1967
  • No Time to Die

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Henchperson - this one might be a little unfair
  • Casino Royale 1967 - it’s only blimmin’ Orson frickin’ Welles
  • No Time to Die - Primo/Cyclops

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  • Casino Royale 1967
  • No Time to Die

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Victim - probably unfair the other way, this one
  • Casino Royale 1967 - Evelyn Tremble
  • No Time to Die - Felix Leiter

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Lots of it is nonsensical!

See; James Bond


Titles of 67 are much better, as is the song imo, I love the You Tube video of 06 with 67s song

Some of these were a hard call. I went with:

Villain – Lyutsifer Safin over Noah but they’re the two worst villains associated with James Bond

Film – No Time To Die over Casino Royale '67 – Only the disjointed, unfunny, terrible Bond spoof of '67 could make me pick No Time To Die in a ‘Which is the better film?’ category. And if I shut off NTTD after Bond flies away from Cuba where the film should have ended, then it’s even a much easier win for NTTD.

Song – The Look Of Love over NTTD – Dusty Springfield nails it on this one.

Bond – Daniel Craig over David Niven

Woman – Ursula Andress over Lea Seydoux

Henchperson – Dali Bensallah (Primo) over Orson Welles

Titles – NTTD over CR67

Victim – Felix Leiter over Evelyn Tremble