Deathmatch 2023 - The Final: Henchpersons

Voting closes September 14

  • Oddjob
  • Fiona

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  • Jaws (The Spy who Loved Me)
  • Wint & Kidd

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Here’s a suggestion: for the next time, the henchpersons should be divided into two categories: the “henchperson” henchpersons and the (if you catch my drift) “backseat villain” henchpersons.
Would open up options like, say, Wint & Kidd in the “backseat villain” henchpersons category, and Bambi & Thumper in the “henchperson” henchpersons category for DAF.

Might give some food for discussion and require a bit of voting.
Don’t forget to register. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Will consider it for next year, certainly!

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I’d suggest calling them Henchperson (or Primary Henchperson) and Secondary Henchperson.

Part of the challenge will be finding 25 of each, but it may be feasible because Machine Gun Granny must have her moment in the sun. Anyway, will think on.


Might I suggest:

DN – No’s 3 “Blind” Assassins or R.J. Dent
FRWL – Morzeny
G – Kisch
T – Vargas
YOLT – Hans or Helga Brandt
OHMSS – Grunther or Irma Bunt
DAF – Peter Franks
LALD – Whisper
TMWTGG – Chula
TSWLM – Sandor
M – Chang or Jaws
FYEO – Erich Kriegler
O – Mischka & Grischka
AVTAK – Scarpine
TLD – Whitaker’s Assassin (in PTS)
LTK – Perez
G/E – Arkady Ouromov
TND – Kaufman
TWINE – Gabor
DAD – Miranda Frost
CR – Kratt or Alex Dimitrios
QOS – Edmund Slate
Sk – Chimera Captain
Sp – Marco Sciarra
NTTD – Logan Ash

And if you include:

NSNA – Lippe

Interesting suggestions, but let’s not get too distracted from the vote here.

Can see some votes coming on here to plump up the Sideswipes for September as I rapidly run out of ideas, so many thanks!

Am now thinking of dropping “Film” category because the net effect of all the Deathmatches will determine “Best Film”, so we have categories of - Main Villain, Co-Villain and Best Supporting Villainy, the Co-Villain category being the current “Hench”, the standout secondary villain, and the Best Supporting Villainy category encompassing every other villainous character without necessarily naming any one individual, do it by film, more a sort of group effort per film. I think that might work. In other words, “the rest”. Might do that in December anyway.


This sounds like some terrible rap ‘artist’ from Detroit.

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Nana of


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Don’t wanna be messin’ wit a granny like dat.

[removes dentures for “beat box” mic effects]


This is instantly iconic :clap::clap:

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