Deathmatch 2023 - The Final: Victims

Voting closes September 27

  • Felix Leiter (for No Time to Die)
  • Aki

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  • Kerim
  • Jill Masterson

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I went with:

Aki over Felix Leiter (NTTD)
Kerim Bey over Jill Masterson

This final match-up makes sense, to me. Jill is far and away the most famous victim in the entire series, and let’s face it possibly the only corpse ever used to market a non-horror franchise. And yet thanks to a great script and the tremendous screen presence of Pedro Armendariz, there has never been a Bond ally whose death hit so hard and left such a gaping hole as dear old Kerim Bey. He set the bar against which all other ill-fated, gravitas-generating cannon fodder must be measured. Which is not the legacy he’d have aspired to no doubt, but hey 60 years at #1 is 60 years at #1.

It always had to come down to these two.