Deathmatch 2024 - Semi-Finals: Songs

Voting closes 13 June

Match (1)
  • Live and Let Die
  • Diamonds are Forever
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Match (2)
  • Goldfinger
  • We Have All the Time in the World
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I’m voting against logic:

  • LALD is the more innovative, funnier song, but I´m going for the traditional ballad with the saucy lyrics.
  • GF is the ballsy/brassy “I’m the only champion”-song which cemented Bond and Bond songs in our lizard brains, but I am choosing the sad ballad which still brings me to tears, what a hopeless sap I am.

Good choice. Also, DAF’s lyrics have a great internal rhyme, and provides a complementary aural/vocal manifestation of the film’s themes (picked up by Binder’s title sequence, with which it meshes well).


And, most importantly, it is my go to karaoke song after one too many vespers. :japanese_ogre:


An inspired and inspiring choice, Mr. Hinx.


Well, ironically enough, it appears that I am (at least currently) the tiebreaker. Both semifinals had each contestant tied with eight votes apiece, leaving it to me to choose the winners. I then broke the tie thusly:

While I love both Live And Let Die and Diamonds Are Forever, and would have preferred this to be the finals vote, I slightly prefer LALD, so it gets the win here.

As for the other semifinal, I do prefer We Have All The Time In The World to Goldfinger. However, it is not really the main theme song of the film, so, as a result, I voted for Goldfinger, which IS its film’s main theme song.

(Dives for cover) :smiley: